Incorrect information on MERS


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Jan 22, 2010
I found discrepancies and bogus information on MER'S find your servicer search engine and wonder if this information should be corrected prior to making a settlement offer. I'm getting ready to offer a settlement on a second heloc that SLS is the servicer on. I did a property search without my name on MERS to verify they were listed my service provider. I got two active hits. SLS did appear, but the note date was wrong and PNC Mortgage also appeared as active with a note date of June of 2012. I never took, modified a loan or had any thing to do with PNC or any other mortgage company in 2012. I called PNC and they can't search accounts by property address, they told me to contact MERS to find out how this information was derived, when I called MERS they were of no help and told me to contact PNC. I checked with my county registry of deeds and there is no record of anything with that note date or PNC. Is information on MERS treated as gold or should I just proceed with a settlement offer?


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Aug 31, 2011
Tell them to send proof they have rights to the property.. else don't pay.. eventually, they will make up some documents, and the judge would favor them. But it would buy you time for not paying.