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I purchased my house in 2007 with Countrywide being the loan people. After the whole Countrywide disaster, BofA became the people I pay my mortgage to. In 2013, I fought for a modification and I got it. In 2017, it was a bad year for me. I lost all hope in all aspects of my life and I let it all go. I was almost committed. I filed BK 13 in 7/2017 to save my house. The lawyer that I was working with told me he was closing up his office in 9/2017. I again spiraled out of reality. He told me that I can re-file with another lawyer (a lady). I did in 10/2017. We had serious personality issues from the gate. It didn't work. She was a B**CH!!!!! She dropped me!!!!!!!! So she referred me to another BK lawyer. My house was go to auction on Monday 12/4/17. I meet with this 3rd lawyer, paid him $2000.00 to file another BK 13 to save my house. He did on Friday 12/1/17. He said that even though I don't qualify for the automatic stay that he can file a motion to explain why the BK's prior failed to a judge. I was ok with that. On 12/7/17 a realtor shows up that our house was sold back to the bank. I was like WTF!!!!! I called my BK lawyer and he was preparing the motion to stay the automatic stay. Is there a window of time that he could file that motion? The sale happened at 9:47 AM on 12/4/17. Doesn't he have time to file? Like they jumped the gun?
So fast forward.... I received a unlawful detainer from the attorneys for Freddie Mac to get out. I filed a answer citing wrongful foreclosure. I go to court to face them on Wednesday 3/14/18. I have nothing to stand on. I have paperwork but it doesn't make sense. I just want to buy time to file a wrongful foreclosure case 1st. I have no money.... I'm doing this on my own.
I see on paperwork that there is misapplied funds to BofA that SLS never accounted for. I see names on the notice of default that still says Countrywide and other people.... I know I have something here, even if the BK screw up isnt my defense.
Please please help me..... I can't lose my home. I will for just give up on everything.


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There are law school clinics in CA that helps homeowners facing foreclosures. Google Sundquist v. Bank of America to provide some information as well. Hope this helps.


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hi Iamlefty.. your story is interesting. its already 3/19/2018.. did they clear up thing in court?

Most people aren't aware of it, but in this whole housing business.. "you're either the butcher or the cattle"
It is sad but because of a little greed, left some homeless. On the other hands, some are taking the lion's share. So what is wrong?