How To Hedge A Nyc Coop


LoanSafe Member
I have owned a NYC coop for over 30 years and it is currently soaring (35% just in the past 6 months alone).

I am getting close to cashing in while we are at these levels and the average time on market for my building is less than 2 weeks....It's almost like a "liquid" asset.

But I know how quickly things can change and I need to live here for a few more years.

Are there any financial products, either exchange traded, or other ways, to hedge the price of NYC residential real estate.
I'm sure there is no perfect hedge but, even a 75% hedge would soften any potential blow.

I can't make the assumption that markets in general will all go down if there is a real estate decline so I would not use market index products.

Is there a real estate ETF, with options etc. that could be a viable hedge?

Thank you.