How has "lenders declining mortgage applications" caused a housing crisis?

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Jan 23, 2018
I need to know, How has "lenders declining mortgage applications" caused a housing crisis?


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Jun 22, 2010
North bay
Hi Mark,

Welcome to Loansafe. I'm not sure I understand your question. What I mean is I'm uncertain what you mean by the housing crisis. I can tell you that lenders never intended to modify more than a very few loans for the sake of appearances. It's far more lucrative for them to lure borrowers into default, collect special servicing fees and ultimately foreclose. That has thrown millions of people out of their homes and the banks actions violated the loan contract and unfair business laws.

We even know that some banks offered bonuses to their employees to lose paperwork, give borrowers the run around and then refuse to modify.

The government knows about it and looks the other way but many people are fighting back by challenging their right to foreclose. Many of us on this forum who have stayed in our homes for many years now learning our legal rights and trying to enforce them.
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