How do I settle or (make current) an Charged Off 2nd Mortgage with CitiMortgage


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I have a 2nd mortgage with CitiMortgage that was charged off in 2011. It has been removed from my credit report, but their is still a lien on my property. I have tried EVERY phone number with CitiMortgage to talk to someone about this but every person I connect with cannot find the mortgage in their system. Does anyone know if there is any other contact info I can try?


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Start by finding out who holds the lien. You can usually find out for free by visiting your county register of deeds and some counties have free online search. Thats your starting point. Citi probably has sold/transferred the lien by now.


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No matter which number I call they cannot find any record of my mortgage. I still haven't been able to talk to anyone who knows it existed.
I looked at my bankruptcy paperwork to see if I could help you out here.

Did you file bankruptcy or just stop paying? Charge off is simply an accounting term for the bank and really means nothing to the customer. However, check your statue of limitations in your state for collecting on a lien. Some states are as little as 7 years.

I don't think CitiMortgage/CitiFinancial exists anymore. I believe its all under Citi bank now, but that didnt happen until around 2018. On my loan Citi bank had the mortgage but CitiMortgage was the servicer.

Citi Mortgage was listed as my 2nd mortgage lien holder when I went through bankruptcy. The last contact number I used for them was 1-800-283-7918. They still had info on my mortgage 6 years after bankruptcy and the lien being sold/transferred to debt buyer.

I would get copy of the lien from your county clerks office. Send a copy to Citi and request a lien release or verification letter that they do not hold the lien anymore. Probably wont happen but worth a try anyway.

Then you may have to pay a title company to do a title search for you. A title company will charge you around $500 but should verify any existing liens on the property. If it still shows Citi as the holder of the lien and they have no record, you could move forward with a "quiet title" proceeding in court. Don't confuse this with "quit claim" title.

In a quit claim a person is saying "I am not sure what rights I have to this property, but whatever they are, I give to you". In a quiet title proceeding you are asking a judge to "quiet" any claims that others may have in your property. All possible lien holders are to appear in court or be represented to state their claim. The process takes about 6 months then a judge looks at all available documents and decides who has legal ownership of the property. This judgement is then attached to your property and a clean title is issued.

Good luck. I am considering a quiet title process myself.