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My family moved around a lot when I was small. We lived overseas until I was six and then we lived in North Carolina and Utah before settling in New Orleans. When I went away to school my family moved to Houston.

I lived in Oklahoma City and Phoenix before deciding after twelve years to move closer to my family. I couldn't have made a better choice. When I first moved to Houston I was somewhat disappointed... until I got to know the city.

First of all the economy here is on fire. The job market is great. Oil and Natural Gas are the main drivers of the boom and they are here to stay. Shipping, construction, manufacturing, services and engineering, and housing are all strong.

Property tax is average in my experience and there is no state income tax. Medical care is top notch. Texas tort laws limit punitive damages in malpractice suits so doctors, especially specialists, flock here. Universities in Texas are outstanding, especially for medicine and engineering and information technology. It's like the Silicon Bayou.

While Houston may lack the hipness of Austin or the glitziness of Dallas, it's because Houston is a city of substance and understatement. Not as fun as the New Orleans of my youth but a much nicer place to raise a family.

A growing cultural and food scene, a young and diverse demographic and best of all, a GREAT job market make this a great place to live. Homes and land are inexpensive, although rent tends to be high if you're not looking to buy. Houses are generally enormous with big yards and lots of lush greenery. The infrastructure is good here, with schools being OK in the city and fantastic in the suburbs. Gas and electricity are below national average.

- Job market
- Home prices & availability
- Boomtown prosperity = shopping, restaurants, museums & culture
- Schools & higher education
- Health care
- Diversity and culture, especially pan-Hispanic and southeast Asian (Vietnamese food!!), with a healthy dose of old-fashioned Texas
- Houses are cheap and plentiful
- Energy capital of North America
- Gulf Coast climate (short, mild winters, lots of sunshine)
- The Texans, Aeros, and Rockets

- Traffic into Downtown and the Galleria can be brutal (we have buses and carpool lanes though)
- Gulf Coast climate (hot, muggy, mosquitoes)
- Rents are high if you're not buying
- The Astros
- Hurricanes
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Thank you very much for sharing this information and giving your opinion on Houston OsBoy1! Houston has actually been on many reports the last couple of years and has been acknowledged as one of the best cities to live in the nation!


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I'm not a realtor, look at my other posts. :) Not trying to advertise, that's just a good way to see what house prices and specs are for people interested in moving here. I love my town!!! I think everyone should move here, so Google up house prices in Houston, and see what I'm talking about.

Can I say "Google" in here, Jeffrey? ;-)

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Lol I knew from your other posts that you are definitely not a realtor attempting to advertise for any company here. I love your enthusiasm for the city you reside and the economy in TX is much better than MANY other states..