HOA Nightmare - Foreclosure Unpaid Fees


LoanSafe Member
Help!! I've been fighting HOA lawyers for years over unpaid fees. The attorney will not take payments from me and the fees have become outrageous. They filed a lien on March 3, 2021 and filed with the court to force foreclosure to pay the unpaid fees, interest and their fees. I filed Chapter 13 two years ago and then in March of 2020 I was unable to keep up with my payments and it was dismissed. Because the housing market is going bonkers right now, the HOA lawyers are trying to force the foreclosure. I am in forebearance with my mortgage which way behind in payments (before covid) -- trying to do a modification. Can the HOA force foreclosure if I am in forbearance with my mortgage company? I know Biden extended the protection until June but was that only for mortgage foreclosures or do I have protection from the HOA as well? Also, I have been trying since January for a payment plan with the HOA but the attorneys keep blocking it. Time is running out and I'm trying to figure out what options I may have.