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Oct 19, 2012
Carol Stream
I am Writing a hardship letter to my mortgagor who was Ocwen but now is changing to PHH. I wanted some advice about my hardship letter that I would like to send, please give me your thoughts on my letter. My situation is I fell behind on my mortgage and now Owe 6400.00 in payments I would like Ocwen/PHH to put what is owed put it to the back end of my loan and get back to paying my monthly payments 848.00 my Interest rate is 3.0.

Robert Key Jr
458 Minnesota Circle
Carol Stream Illinois 60188

Loan Number

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter explains the difficult situation which caused me to fall behind on my mortgage payments. I would like to be considered for a loan modification to forgive the delinquent payments in order to get me caught up and prevent future delinquency. My main goal is to keep my home for the long term I have worked for Essendant as a Warehouse Lead for the last 25 years. I hit hard times about eight months back and fell behind on my payments because loss of hours at work and my wife being sick and not being able to work she has Fibromyalgia.

So then all bills fell to me, but since that time, but within the last two months she’s been able to return to work. Our income together is now becoming stabilized, and improving.
We’ve also went to get help with our financials by working with GreenPath Financial Wellness in their debit counseling program.

So despite my recent hardship, it is our full intention to pay what I owe. We would appreciate your consideration to take what is owed and put it to the end of the loan, to help us get caught back up, and get back to paying our mortgage, so that we can afford to stay in our home for now and the long term.

I sincerely apologize for getting behind on my mortgage, but as you see circumstances have prevented my keeping up with the mortgage.

Robert Key Jr