Gmac allowed us to get in a deeper hole


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Here's a short summary of what been going on with gmac.
In July I spoke with a rep from gmac that put me on a trial payment plan for 3 months told me not to worry about the past due amounts they will be added in the modification.
I have been calling back every 3 months to be put on the same trial pmt ,anyways I have been making trial pmts to gmac since July of 2009 till June of 2010. I got denied for hamp on june 10,2010, also denied for in-house mod negative npv on 9/21/2010.I was misled in believing I would get a loan mod all this time now over 20,000 in past due charges. I'm attending NACA'S save the dream tour in los angeles next week. I want to speak to a gmac rep face to face. Also if anybody knows what kind of attorney I need to contact for this type of situation,please let me know. Any suggestions at all will be greatly appreciated.