FLAGSTAR Trial Modification -NOW- With NATIONSTAR - GOING ON 7th Month?


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Jan 27, 2010
FlagSTAR? NationSTAR? They are only "stars" of jacking people around!

First off, we are in Oregon. Our loan was with Flagstar and in Feb/09 we started the process of applying for the HAMP modification. In June/09 we were finally offered a trial modification. Told to make the three payments and follow all the guidelines, which we did. Our last trial payment was in Aug. At the end of July we found out that Flagstar transferred our loan to Nationstar. We contacted Nationstar right away. They said that they were also participating in the HAMP program and that they would honor all trial mods that Flagstar started. We made the final trail payment to Flagstar. We have been told by Nationstar to continue to make those trial payments to them and they are working on all modifications and they will be in touch.

The only way they have been in touch with us is to continue to mail demands for payment, call and harass us about our loan being delinquent. We have nothing in writing with them about our modification. We send the payments (on time if not early) and they cash them. I call monthly and I still get the same story, "keep making the trial payments". Meanwhile, we keep getting collection calls, letters etc. I cannot get a straight answer from Nationstar - only the run around. Nothing is locked-in and we have nothing signed with Nationstar. I only have our original signed trial plan agreement, which we signed and was also signed by Flagstar.

I have everything documented. All documents submitted I have made copies and anything sent and I send everything with a tracking number and request that it is signed for before release. When they have told me to fax something, I do. I document it as well AND I follow up by sending them an additional hard-copy in the mail. When I call, I document who I spoke to, the date, time, etc. I have 2 boxes of paperwork!

Each month our statement shows the past due amount, and each month we fall further behind. We will soon be approaching the one year mark of when we first started all of this --- and only further behind.

I cannot get any answers from Nationstar! Yesterday I called them and now they tell me that they do not have my hardship affidavit or the 4506T IRS form! They said they didn't get it from Flagstar! BULL! I'm sure they have it and they are just jacking us around now. Why didn't they call me or write to me to tell me that they didn't have these to begin with? Why are they doing this to us?

I've read SO MANY horror stories and complaints filed about Nationstar. I've spent the past day just reading complaint after complaint, horror story after horror story about how Nationstar does business. Now we are REALLY worried.

** Are they purposely setting us up, just so we get so far in the hole.... that our only option is forclosure?

** Should seek legal assistance?

** What about Bankruptcy?

** Who can I call for help?

I would like to hear from anyone going through the same thing with Nationstar.

This is just wrong! This doesn't feel like help it feels like dead man walking!


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Jan 28, 2010
I am going through the same thing and pretty much following the same timeline. I started with Flagstar, trial was to end in January. They told me to keep paying trial and ignore notices about delinquent and foreclosure, then just yesterday they claim they have nothing about me being on a trial mod. My credit is tanking, despite the fact that the info. from Flagstar says that it won't during the trial period. Of course, they won't send anything in writing. I called the Making Home Affordable folks and they gave me information for one of the mod counselors. I contacted them and just need to send my documents for review, and then I will see what happens. I'm in Maryland. Spoke with Bank of America about just scrapping the entire thing and going with them. They had some nice terms, but said that things were backed up with other companies and maybe I should wait a while and see what my lender says. I will see what the counselor says, then I think I may just ditch this headache and go with Bank of America or someone with a nationally known name and reputation. HATE this entire process - a bunch of liars and crooks!