Douche Bank Settlement?


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So I was finally able to find out who owns my second. I have 2 loans from 2005. 1st for 290k which was bought by Douche in 2009 and modified. In 2009 I quit paying 2nd and never heard a peep from anyone. Fast forward to today. I have not payed on 2nd since 2009 which was for 73k. After finally finding someone to help me at Douche I find out they are the 'trustee' of the note on both 1st and 2nd. The person at Douche told me they withdrew the files from the vault with 2nd going to US Bank Corp Trust in 2005 and 1st to Ocwen in 2020. They told me they cannot help me with the 2nd. Is this true? Can I negotiate directly with Douche on the 2nd?


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Hahaha, I call them the same in court just pretending not to know the proper pronunciation!

The second loan's time is up for collecting due to Statute of Limitations. If you choose to negotiate this is in your favor. It sounds like douche is referring you to the servicer. You might try writing a qualified written request, but alas this is circular if you don't know whom to send it to (correct legal address) and don't have account numbers.

I don't know about negotiations with Trustee. Maybe someone else has some ideas.