Denied a Loan or Loan Mod or Given information you don't understand

Michael Naz

Michael Naz
Jan 9, 2011
Southern California
Please contact me if you have a denial of a loan mod or received a loan mod you cannot afford, or you have been denied the last 12 months for any kind of housing loan and feel you were mistreated in any way during the process.

If you have been denied for any reason you are not sure about on your application for a loan, then contact [email protected] for starting a preliminary questionnaire for your experience.

Based on the information you provide and can document the last 12 months, you may get a new loan you can afford to repay through the Fair Housing Act without having to sue your servicer or go through the application process all over again.

Any attorneys fees paid or third party fees paid in trying to keep your home through applying for a loan modification may be recovered through an Administrative review through HUD without involving the court nor the servicer.

You must have been denied the last 12 months, or told you cannot apply or shouldn't apply.

Additionally, some people may have been denied for the following reasons:

*Payment is affordable
*Ineligible Borrower
*Investor not participating
*Investor not allowing modification
*Excessive forbearance
*NPV (Net Present Value)

Lastly, if you received a loan or loan mod you cannot afford and are being threatened with foreclosure unless you accept the mod, then contact [email protected] or call 877-747-2969 to schedule a time to discuss how we can help.

The remedies include a new loan you can afford plus monetary "damages" for mistreatment, and the best part is, you don't need to sue your servicer or go through a loan modification process!