Delinquent Prior to Covid


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I was delinquent prior to Covid to the point I had a sale date.

Now, I am on a better footing. I can even pay my pre-Covid delinquency if necessary. I prefer to hold on to my cushion though.

What are my options for a repayment plan? I have had prior workouts because of medical debt.

Also, am I eligible for the new 2021 Fannie Mae extensions?

Thank you.


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You haven't posted much information. You may need an attorney because some servicers DO want your house and may no longer be negotiable with a "judgement in hand." But fear not...

Technically most mortgage contracts allow reinstatement and you have up and until the sale date to stop the foreclosure by paying the lump sum past due to reinstate the loan. (and resuming payments) This would be in the mortgage contract. (check/verify). Your mileage/timing may vary with judicial/non-judicial state law. You may also call mortgage co and ask for reinstatement amount through the servicer. Have them email with an effective date and daily interest amount from that date.

It doesn't hurt to explore the other options too, but I don't think you can do a retroactive forbearance request, yet it certainly doesn't hurt to ask if it helps your credit and allows you to move forward by re-categorizing and resuming payments. In addition to government COVID deferral plans, a rate reduction or other modification may help you more since you are ready and willing to resume (and want to keep your security buffer).

The new COVID/ econ stimulus just extended foreclosure moratoriums through June 2021 and created a new deadline to apply for certain programs.(use link for additional info) - Good luck!

Covid Mortgage Forbearance Extension — Know Your Options | NextAdvisor with TIME

"If you’re unsure what options are available to you, here are the updated deadlines to request a COVID-19-related forbearance for each type of mortgage.

FHA LoanJune 30, 2021Up to 18 monthsThrough June 30, 2021
VA LoanJune 30, 2021Up to 18 monthsThrough June 30, 2021
USDA LoanJune 30, 2021Up to 18 monthsThrough June 30, 2021
Freddie MacFeb. 28, 2021Up to 18 monthsThrough June 30, 2021
Fannie MaeFeb. 28, 2021Up to 18 monthsThrough June 30, 2021
Other LoansVariesVariesNone
While the deadline for the maximum, 18-month COVID-19 forbearance has already passed, loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still eligible for a reduced forbearance. For initial forbearance claims made after Feb. 28, 2021, you may remain in forbearance for only up to 12 months.

If you have a VA loan, USDA loan, or FHA loan, you have until June 30, 2021 to request your initial forbearance. With those loans, if you’re currently in forbearance you may now qualify for an additional six months of forbearance, in 180 day increments. This additional six months increases the maximum amount of time homeowners that are currently in forbearance to up to 18 months. The foreclosure moratorium on these loans has been extended through June 30, 2021."