Church To Burn Its Mortgage Sunday

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Moe Bedard

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Aug 10, 2007
Southern California
(Source: Hutch News)- The fire department should be forewarned, a local church will be having a controlled burn Sunday morning.Emanuel Lutheran Church will be burning its mortgage.

It may run counter to current studies that show more people than ever are turning away from church, but there were enough parishioners stepping forword to pay off a $1.8 million loan in just 12 years for the expansion at 140 E. 30th Ave., Hutchinson.

Good stewardship and refinancing at a lower interest rate contributed to reaching the goal in such a short period of time, said the Rev. Tim Carey.

The expansion, which included a parish hall, increased the church’s size by 60 percent. It also permitted the church to become more active in the community, including serving the annual community Thanksgiving dinner to hosting large public meetings.