Chase Refuses to Verify that Mortgage Copy Requested Complete

Nina Topaz

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Mar 26, 2020
I misplaced the original of my Chase mortgage refinanced under HARP. In January I contacted Chase customer service to have a hard copy sent to me. To date I have worked with three individuals -- two in customer service, one at a branch in OH. I have yet to to receive all the documents that comprise the documents at closing (Sept. 2012). The intial mailings of the documents from the e-copy of the original were incomplete or not printed properly. Every time I speak to a Chase employee I discover that there is still a document I have not been sent, although twice I have been told everything has been sent. To date, 3/26/20, I still do not have all the documents in hand. And cannot be certain until I receive confirmation of that from Chase. (All three Chase employees have told me I do have them and they were incorrect.)

On 3/18/20 I called and left a message at the complaint number provided by a Chase customer service representative (1-408-902-6236) to cplain about the problems encountered. No reply.

In addition to needing to have a complete copy of the mortgage closing documents, if I sell my house I need to be certain I have all the information needed for the sale. The Chase representative I am working with now told me if that becomes a problem I can work with Chase's legal department. I let her know that was not acceptable.

The last person I spoke assured me that I will have all the documents associated when I receive the mailing she sent yesterday. Because of the numerous errors I told her I wanted a letter from Chase verifying that I have been sent a complete copy of the e-file representing the original scanned by Chase and associated with my account. I was told Chase will not do that. To paraphrase her reason: I am asking for Chase to confirm that those providing the documents have done their job, that might have to go through the legal department, and even so said Chase would not send such a letter. I told her I needed to know I had all the files and pursued other means to be certain:

1. I asked to be sent by email all the .pdf files that comprise the original closing docments as I had received some from another. She refused saying that she cannot access those files* and that is not allowed**. When I told her someone else had sent some she still refused to send the files and noted she cannot access them.

2. Again, I ask for the letter from Chase confirming I have been sent a copy of all the documents. She refused to pursue such a letter.

3. I was offered the option of of her accessing the very e-files she told me she could not and sending me a letter listing all the documents so I could check that list against what I have on hand. However, as of 3/25/20, I was informed that to do this she had obtain permission to send me the list and would know by 3/31/20. She speculated that if the letter was not approved Chase might opt to print out and send them. I indicated that based on what has happened so far, could very well result in another set of incomplete, improperly printed documents with no assurance I have a complete copy.

ConclusIon: I need and expect 1) To be provided by Chase written verification that I have a complete copy of the closing documents they retain on file in my account, and 2) To have Chase send to me with that letter in a single and complete package that consists of a complete copy of all the documents from my 9/28/2012 mortgage closing that are reproduced in their entirety and properly printed so that the entire content of the documents are displayed. This necessary because of the numerous errors, improper printing of documents sent, plus the failure by three representatives to identify and provide all the documents. *** At this point I am no longer confident of receipt of the complete mortgage closing document without these two items. I want to receive this information from Chase within one week of this complaint received by Chase.

* I was told that Chase branch offices cannot access the files although other Chase customer service representatives must have access to print out the documents, beginning with the person I spoke with at the end of January and sent me the initial incomplete mailings.

** One of the customer service representatives did send me password protected .pdf files because after two - three attempts the documents were not completely printed (i.e., not sent, missing pages or printed so as not not provide the complete document on the page).

*** This complaint is not directed at any Chase employee but at Chase's failure to handle and process a request in a timely manner and enable its staff to do so.


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Sep 14, 2015
You need to put this into a Qualified Written Request for the reasons stated. Check the back of your statement for Legal address or correspondence. It has to be mailed/written form. Request a certified copy of this print out due to previous errors in transmission. (this is where servicer/party signs off as genuine copy) They will do nothing over the phone. They don't have to. Do request the cover sheet (page item line list) as a part of that. They did volunteer it after all. ;)

They have a specific timeline to respond. If not, they are in violation of rules and regulations per CFPB. Then you have a stronger complaint and possible cause for lawsuit which might get their attention. Good luck!


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May 30, 2016
I would contact the closing attorney that you went to, as well as the Title Insurance agency. I would put money, on both of them having copies of the closing documents. Worth a try.