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Feb 2, 2021
Hi, I went to a car dealer to check for a used an economic car. I saw one for $12000 and give donw payment 3200. The seller told that I qualify. Everything was Soo fast that when I realized a week later they gave the highest interes rate at 16%, so the car is going to cost me about $21000 Honda CVR 2010 with 111,000 miles. I came to the dealer a week later and the guy was so brut saying it's not tshirts and turn around and left. I told him that I don't want the car and said it's too late. I bought I week ago and they said that I can return in a month if I don't want. They didn't gave the contract in Espanol my language neither in english. This paragraph someone helped me to write it. Please some help what can I do?