Capital One Check today...


LoanSafe Member
May 31, 2013
Today, I received a check in the mail from Capital One. It was for $39, which I believe is what my annual fee was.

Mid year last year, we stopped paying on this card. I'm expecting a suit mid year this year from them, and hoping we can settle with our 2nd mortgage first and then file for bankruptcy to get rid of the rest of our debt before that happens.

I received a letter about two weeks ago that the debt had finally charged off. I've blocked Capital one numbers for a few months now and haven't received any calls for a while.

I have a hunch that this is a way of confirming my address and/or getting my bank information. I know that my annual fee was usually due in the mid fall from them. I just find it odd to receive a check from a credit card company I owe money to.

Any thoughts?