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Can a Realtor help you find a home to rent

Discussion in 'Houses for Rent' started by Alex Ferreras, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Alex Ferreras

    Alex Ferreras LoanSafe Greeter

    Finding a realtor to help find a rental is quite similar, but differs some from buying a home with the help of an agent. But when search for a realtor to find a tenant or find a place to lease, the process to find the real estate agent remains the same. It's as easy as doing a quick search, to search phone books, to picking up flyers. You just want to keep trying these different methods until you find what your looking for.

    If you ever heard that searching for a real estate agent who specializes in leases is expensive, their only partially right. Yes real estate agents have a legal right to charge a commission for their services, but it can only be equivalent to about one month's rent once the apartment or house is found. This is so because realtors do not charge an hourly rate. The commission is referred to as a finder's fee, or broker's fee.

    Many realtors and agencies do have a specific geographic area they cover, so do the research on places you may be interested in.For example, real estate agents may offer this type of service local college areas. Like at the Boston University, places that have a high demand for apartments and rooms have huge numbers of real estate offices scattered all over the neighborhoods. These types of firms might tend to focus on rentals, because of the large population of people looking for rentals. Because of this situation, it is the realtor's in that areas job to find out what their possible client's wants and needs are in a place to live. A realtor's other job is to help to educate their client if their requests are unreasonable.

    Review on how real estate agents work:

    • Not all real estate agents always charge clients a commission
    • Different real estate agents have different geographic groups they do cover
    • Clients do not have to rent an apartment directly from a realtor to be responsible for paying a fee.For example if a client decides to rent an apartment he was shown three months earlier, the realtor can still charge a fee
    • Remember that sometimes your specific criteria can not always be met

    How to search for a realtor using the computer

    1.Go to Google or your preferable online search engine and type in, "real estate," and the city in which the real estate agent is needed

    2. Choose a real estate agency and locate the companies main phone number. Request a referral to a realtor who handles rentals and leases

    3. Don't just depend on one company, try several

    4. Browse through the different sites. If one of them has a button that says, "search MLS," push that button. This option allows you to choose your desired

    features in the home. Check if the options include rentals or leases, and select those options. Contact any of the agents who offer rental or lease listings.

    Search Real Estate Fliers

    1. Browse through real estate fliers that you can get your hands on. Some flyers only have either rentals or houses for sale, and some have both.

    2. Contact the realtors who do advertise rentals

    3. Or you can try contacting a realtor who does houses for sale and request she help you find a lease

    Register With a Relocation Service

    1. Do a computer search for relocation services

    2. Register with the service with the realtor in your area

    3. Fill out the questionnaires the relocation services send out. The answers to the questionnaire assist the relocation service assign a Realtor who has the
    best skills for the requested search.

    Always make sure to verify your realtor legitimacy with your state's Department of Real Estate (DRE). Online you will find your state's DRE and it will have a search to look-up agents license.

    Human Resources

    Check out realtors on yahoo

    MLS Rental
  2. Jeffrey L. Shurtliff

    Jeffrey L. Shurtliff LoanSafe Member

    The way I found the house I have is I opened up the phone book and called them and found a few renting homes.
  3. RoseiB

    RoseiB LoanSafe Member

    Whether you’re buying, renting or selling a home simply because a Realtor has market knowledge the average person lacks. In some locations it’s typical to use a Realtor to find a rental apartment or single family home, while in others renters usually find a place to live on their own.
  4. Dany Roden

    Dany Roden LoanSafe Member

    I really had a bad experience with one of the Realtor. Before few months, my friend suggested going with Home buying authority for the rental home as per my requirement. I am really happy with the home support services.
  5. eightracker

    eightracker LoanSafe Member

    In the five + years since the OP was made, things have changed. Whenever I have a vacancy in one of my rental houses, I simply use Postlets to make an ad. They distribute it to several on-line sites, including Zillow and Trulia. I've also posted on Craigs List.

    Lotta responses, and some even make an appointment to see the premises. The last two houses each rented within a week and a half of posting the ads (which of course are free).

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