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Dec 6, 2017
I applied for a 2nd loan modification with BOA and was denied and sent a letter asking me to address outstanding issues related to my mortgage application from 2011 when I purchased the home. The first issue was BOA stating that I had liabilities that I did not disclose (furniture rental from RAC) but the lease was not executed until after closing.

The 2nd issue was they could not verify my bank account from which i submitted my bank statements from as belonging to me? I've been really confused as to how any of this has anything to do with me being reviewed for a modification but they are telling me that i cannot be reviewed until these items are addressed.

I obtained a copy of the lease that i signed for the furniture to send to BOA, but I was unable to get any of my old statements from the old bank account, as I no longer use that bank.

However, I did call them and ask if there was anything they could provide me and they wrote a letter stating what my account numbers were when i had an account, unfortunately, they could not provide me with old statements because they don't keep the information that long. Has anyone ever heard of this happening?
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No, I have never heard of these denial reasons from your old mortgage application. That is a new one for me. They may be just making BS excuses or your original loan was flagged for fraud. All you can do is get them what they want or have a supervisor waive these requirements.