AND///The $1000 dollar question today is: Who has the largest stake in ALLY FINANCIAL, formerly GMA


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I read it was the government that owns 65% This is the same government that is allowing Fannie/Freddie to foreclose using foreclosure mills who are under investigation for fraudulent practices by the FBI. A letter from some windbag congress people went to FNMA today. I did enjoy the wording though!

P.S. I LOVE that little dog of yours! He's absolutely adorable.


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Goldie is the winner!!!! So, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac use Ally financial formerly GMAC as a servicer as well!!! Guess what? Super Robo signer Jeffrey Stephan has fraudulently signed documents without true knowledge of the facts on YOU THE PEOPLE'S HOMES!!!! How does this make you feel that you are not only bailing out this criminal financial institution with your tax paying, but also are being foreclosed on illegally!!!!