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Omigosh! I just saw your post. Words escape me. This is the first time I have heard of this kind of thing. I have heard/read other horror stories about bullying, etc. (and this is definitely a form of bullying, times thousands) resulting in suicide. I haven't read the whole stories yet, but, will be (as horrific as it is).

Thanks for posting this. People really need to be aware of it. This is just getting worse. I feel for the poor families of these victims.


wanda robo

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I know, it's tragic, my friend. We're in a whole new world where life doesn't seem to matter.
Social media may not be such a great thing, after all......


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Yes, it is. Well, social media with all of it's advantages and positives does have some serious negatives, i.e., the stories you posted here. We are seeing this more and more. I am still on the fence about joining.