Advice On How To Start Paying Mortage Again?


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I have been working on a mod for a while now, I just got another brutal request thru our laywers on clarification on info I sent them from May and june on bank statements and what I think is BS requests on clarification on tax deductions from paystubs . Seems almost like stall tactics...

anyway- my mortgage payment reset in December down approx. $500 /month, How do I go about asking to start paying again monthly and work out a arrears payment plan even though I am in modification process ?

Trying to tell them I want to start paying again and save everyone the long expensive modification and foreclosure dragout...

do you think they would work out?

Moe Bedard

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Of course these are stall tactics and meant to keep you in the loan mod Hampster wheel.

I have seen this happen thousands of times and there is no other explanation other than that they are stupid and or do not know how to keep a file.

If you were applying for a new mortgage loan, do you think this would happen? Hell no because most consumers would cancel their loan applications and go to another lender.

Essentially, your hands are tied and you are at their mortgage mercy. You will have to deal with their loan mod shenanigans until you finalize the loan modification. Then you can start paying again.