A Mortgage Lender's Perspective On Settled Debts?




Several years ago, I went through some personal trials that kept me from keeping my financial obligations. Three of which were credit cards with 1500-3000k limits. I was young and had no idea how to manage credit.

I basically ended up wrecking a 750 credit score by settling all three cards on the same day. I had no idea this would remain on my credit. The sad thing is, I had never been late with anything before then.

So years later, I am really working to bring up my credit. I started with secure cards and my spouse added me to their credit card account. It is going well and hope to have it at 680-700 before we apply for a mortgage loan in the spring. My spouse has impeccable credit.

My question is: How would you as a mortgage lender see this? What kind of rates would someone with that kind of history get? I have a short history, by the way. 6-7 years.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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Edit - Debt

I also want to note that I have no debt. We keep a very low balance on the credit cards ($200-300) just to show usage and pay off everything else monthly.

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Most lenders really scrutinize that last 24 months of your credit history as being the most important. Hence, any past credit issues that do not involve a mortgage, foreclosure and or bankruptcy and are over 24 months, but have been taken care are not really a detriment.

If these debts were settled years ago, and you have rebuilt your credit and your scores are now higher, then almost any mortgage lender will extend a mortgage to you as long as you meet other qualifying factors.