90 Day Definition and Loss of Good Standing


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If Feb 1 payment is not made by May 1, will a payment made on May 2 be 90 days or 91 days late?* February only has 28 days so???* Reason I ask....

Filed a chapter 7 in 2009 that was discharged in 2010. We recieved a HAMP MOD inbetween that time and it was considered discharged so nothing shows up on our credit report and we get no collections calls. Over the last decade we have had 2 periods of job losses and fell behind, but always stayed under 90 days and made a payment each month, albeit rolling. 10 years later we are finally in a better financial position but not quite where we can start catching back to 100% on time. We did get ourselves back into some unsecured debt, but we do have substantially more income.Yesterday ( May 1) I went online at 10pm to pay some bills and noticed my mortgage to WF did not process on April 29th ( Feb 1 Due). I wanted to die! Of course noone was available that time of night at customer Service.
I'm just sick!!! Did we just lose everything? Did we lose our good standing AND trigger foreclosure?
We dont want to lose our house. We actually dont even want to go through another modification. We can afford the payment and by the end of this year, after a separate bill is paid off, we can start doubling up and getting caught back up. We can even make extra now but we all know banks won't take extra partial payments!

Any help?


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Need more details on how you got "back into some unsecured debt". You really need to figure out how you are still paying your mortgage 90 days late and its 9 years since bankruptcy.
If you have more money now, where is it going? Credit cards, car payments? etc... If keeping your house was your number one goal after bankruptcy, everything you do, needs to go to making that happen.