2nd Chase Setteled


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Nov 12, 2013
Its been over a Year Now, I was afraid to post.
Owed over $300,000 from back in 2006 and stopped paying in 2011.
Settlement was 10% one time payment, NO DOCUMENTS !!!! F them
I did use a attorney to send the money and confirm.

Short Story, System here Works, Follow the Rules. Just keep telling your self that.

Long Story, after you stop Paying the Letters and Phone calls start coming, they even asked to send a appraiser to the house, just say no, and there will do a drive by. No bigger just a scary tactic.
Fear starts to settling in , stay strong. its like the sock market the offers go up and down and back up again, disappear, and come back. I almost paid out at 15%. but 10 was my goal and I jump on it when the letter came.

Midway through I started to talk to the Negotiators when we the offered 20%
or to settled for 10% with Documentation .
I would say to myself "I have them Now" and use the Force, but don't waste your time it Doesn't work , there's nothing you can say. One time the guy on the phone was offer a high number then the letter Chase send me, and they will always say " please Mr Smith this deal is not going to get better, its going to get worse", not true for me.

Maybe 1 out of 10 Times answer the phone and Say, "Still live at this address and receive mail, Sorry that's all the information I have " and hang up. Just wait for the letter, you will get many, Some good offers and some with none. Its a back and forth game. one day you will get the letter you want.
Stay Strong, its never Nerve racking, but worth it.
In one more year this is off my credit report.

Good Luck

I do have one more with BOA same time period to settle , there another story, only heard from them 4 times during the last 6 years, one day soon I hope.

Moe Bedard

Call 1-800-779-4547
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Aug 10, 2007
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Hello and welcome back to the LoanSafe forum.

Thanks for posting your updated story and sharing your success with the community. Your words will help MANY other people who will learn and get motivation from great people like you.

PS - I live in Fallbrook, California and we had a big fire here this past week so I apologize for the late reply.


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Aug 31, 2011
MovingICE... this is the mentality we need this country to have! This is exactly how to deal with these blood sucking bankers.

People don't see it, but pension is the next serious problem. Another form of blood sucking groups.

Fight back people. You only live once, and enjoy it while you can. Don't let them suck you dry, that will only shorten your life.