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    Home Loan Programs With A Prior Short Sale Or Bankruptcy

    we had a foreclosure but it is not on our credit reports anymore, we do have a ch 13 on our report. We had filed the initial paperwork but never submitted the rest of the paperwork and it ended up being dismissed for the reason of the proper paperwork being submitted. We are looking to get a...
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    Mortgage not in my name

    5 years ago my husband and I were trying to get a house but because of some finacial issues we couldn’t get a mortgage. My father put the mortgage in his name and we pay the bill every month. Mine and my husbands names are on the deed along with my fathers. If something were to happen to my...
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    Dismissed bankruptcy and credit report

    If I filed paperwork at the courthouse for a bankruptcy , but ended up not going through with it, how can I get it off my credit report?
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    Credit card settlement

    I have 2 credit cards that have been closed on me because of filing for a bankruptcy ( but we ended up not going through with the bankruptcy) one we stopped paying on and the other we are still paying. My question is this: if the card has already been charged off, will my credit take a hit even...
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    After foreclosure

    I’m looking for advice on fixing credit after a foreclosure...
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    Judgement of foreclosure

    How long does it take in New York, for a foreclosure to happen from the time a judgement of foreclosure is signed in court? I received a letter today from a random lawyer saying that it was recently signed in court? I'm not even sure if it actually happened or not...
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    Need Answers For Foreclosure In Ny-plaintiff Motioned For Dismissal

    Youngone how is your case going...there hasn't been an update in a while?
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    Foreclosure Timeline In New York

    There hasn't been any activity here in awhile so I figured I'd reach out... Can anyone post their progress and how long they are in this whole mess?
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    How Do You You (or Did) You Feel During And After Your Walk

    I agree that the whole thing is very draining. I just read somewhere ( on a Google search) that in 2012 forclosures in ny were averaging 1498 days... Does anyone here know the time frame now?
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    Sale Of House Set For 7/6...

    If he will there any way of stopping the sale?
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    Sale Of House Set For 7/6...

    If she can get her ex to cooperate do you think there is anyway at this point for them to stop the sale of the house? Thank you
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    Sale Of House Set For 7/6...

    Writing for a friend... She lives in upstate, NY. She made her last payment 2 yrs ago and received a letter today saying the sale of her house will be 7/6. She really wants to try and save the house, any suggestions ?? I suggested trying to do a modification, but since the mortgage is only in...
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    Foreclosure Timeline In New York

    I figured out how to get on the site but now how to use it...if I don't have a case # is there a way of viewing cases without having case #'s
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    Foreclosure Timeline In New York

    I went to the court web site and it's asking for a log in but no where to register. How can I get on to see this info
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    Foreclosure Timeline In New York

    Thank you for posting this. I will definately check it out.
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    Foreclosure Timeline In New York

    Yes we are still in the home, the lawyer was going to charge more money to do the 2nd so I said I'd just do that one myself. The loan balance was 38,000, and from what I've read here on these forums I should be able to take care of settling this on my own. Just not sure when I should do it.
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    Foreclosure Timeline In New York

    What do you mean by nonrecourse loan? What should we do if we want to eventually get another much smaller mortgage?
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    Good Article On Post Forclosure

    Has anyone in New York had this happen??? Or does anyone know of anyone in New York that has had this happen??
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    Foreclosure Timeline In New York

    I too am going thru this in NY. Underwater big time, originally with Bank of America and then to Seterus. We hired a lawyer to help us with this whole thing. The lawyer advised us that is wasn't a good business decision to stay in this house so we decided we will walk away, the bank can have...
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    Walking in New York

    Does NY do cash for keys?if so what kind of amount of money can you get?