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  1. delta97

    Home Ready Refinance Loan

    I wonder if anyone had any experience in obtaining a refinance via HomeReady loan? And especially, if it is doable for those who went through Ch7 six years ago and never reaffirmed the loan. Any guidance will be beneficial. FICO presently is 679.
  2. delta97

    Year Sixth In Hamp, Rate Increase Need To Modify Again.

    My rate went up to 3% after completing successfully first five years at %2 in HAMP program. During this period, I got sick, went through chapter 7 (did not reaffirm my property), lost job. I do have another job now but at much less pay. I was able to keep all of my payments on time but now, an...
  3. delta97

    Has Anyone’s Hamp Incentives Stopped After Loan Being Sold?

    My loan was transferred to Ditech by Citimortgage about several months ago, and I was due for my fifth incentive payment of $1,000 due to HAMP but it was not applied to my account as of yet. As well, they kept my initial interest rate which should have been adjusted by now, since I am already...
  4. delta97

    CITI offered Forbearance Plan explaining to me, that it's the only way to get modification with Fann

    I had applied for HAMP last year twice and was denied twice. This year I applied for HAMP through NACA and was offered by CITI forbearance plan @ 1,700 for my $295,000 existing balance with my current rate @ 6.25% versa my payment @ $2105 that includes PMI. I refused the offer due that I was not...