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  1. freedomwon

    The Termination of All Loan Modifications

    Here's an interesting video that describes the daunting statistics on how the modification programs are working. Would you lend your money to someone in need of a modification knowing these stats? It seems many of the banks won't. Can we ever know for certain that these stats produced by the...
  2. freedomwon

    Banks under 24 hour surveillance

    Attention Property Owners: We’ve all read the stories of occupancy checks, NOTS being taped to the door, third parties ringing your doorbell (hired by the bank) to get you to call them. And then there’s the locksmith that breaks in & changes the locks when you’re not home. Then you’re made to...
  3. freedomwon

    Renting a property in foreclosure

    This thread will open up for discussion whether it is legal, not legal, right or wrong, ethical or unethical for a homeowner to purposely put tenants in a home that is in foreclosure.
  4. freedomwon

    Bank Of America Plaza Faces FORECLOSURE! OH MY!

    Yes, you read it right! Bank of America Plaza Faces Foreclosure - Oh, the Irony! | InvestorPlaceI say, let it foreclose! This is Karma in action!
  5. freedomwon

    Ca. AG Kamala Harris Stand Up Against Wall Street!

    These banks are pushing Attorney Generals around the country to give them civil and criminal immunity -- for crimes that haven't even been investigated yet! It's time to stand up & fight. Let your voice be heard. Now, can you take two minutes and call her office -- and ask her to come out...
  6. freedomwon

    Has Freddie Mac gone mad?

    How on earth could Freddie Mac accept 1.4 billion from BofA when that only represents a 1.1 percent settlement of the principal balance owed of 127 billion? This doesn't even include interest folks! This is happening right under our nose. I am outraged by this! In the end, it is the taxpayers...
  7. freedomwon

    BofA settlement pushes up home default notices

    I thought this was an interesting article. Backs up what others have seen, a major increase in NOD's being issued.BofA settlement pushes up home default notices - Yahoo! News
  8. freedomwon

    Forged, Robo-signed, Mix Matched Signatures?

    Do You Have Forged Documents? Robosigned? Mix Matched Signatures? You are entitled to copies of the notary journal entries and with this evidence, you may be able to prove the FRAUD. All state notaries should have a handbook. Here’s the 20ll Handbook for Ca...
  9. freedomwon

    FDIC objects of BofA $8.5B Settlement with investors

    FDIC objects to BofA $8.5B Settlement with investors “This filing is simply a formal notice to preserve our right to make claims as a part of the settlement and seeks additional information to evaluate those potential claims,†he said. “It is not an evaluation or opinion on the settlement...
  10. freedomwon

    J.P. Morgan Chase may take over BofA by the end of the week!

    There is a rumor circulated on Wall St. that JP Morgan (NYSE: JPM) will take over Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) within the week. The government will support the deal with a $100 billion investment in preferred shares issued by the combined entity. Alternatively, the government may guarantee the...
  11. freedomwon

    BofA Stopped Paying my Property Taxes

    I simply discovered this on my own. BofA paid the 1st of 2 property tax installments for the 2010-2011 tax roll; however, they did not pay the 2nd installment due by 4/10/11. So the current tax roll is showing a default balance due. In addition my name has been erased from the tax bill as...
  12. freedomwon

    SEC Laws governing Loan Trusts

    Can someone point me to the SEC code that addresses the following issue? Once a promissory note from a home loan has been securitized it gets converted to a stock such as one traded under (CWALT-2007-2B), hence, the original note is destroyed as per SEC rules. I've read over & over again in...
  13. freedomwon

    BofA - My file has been debugged twice

    I came across something rather peculiar (although nothing surprises me anymore). I was looking at an original piece of correspondence from BofA concerning my HAMP denial that contains some available inputs with no values assigned to them. On the backside of both pages of letterhead, I noticed...
  14. freedomwon

    ReconTrust not a legal business in California

    Recontrust is not registered to do business in the State of California as a corporation an LLC/LLP. ReconTrust is a corporation incorporated in Delaware (not a title company & not an attorney) – therefore, should be required to register with the State of Ca. as a foreign corporation doing...
  15. freedomwon

    My recent letter to BofA (Part 2)

    6/9/11 - Another update. Received a v.m. msg from a negotiator at BofA yesterday. Simply wanted to introduce herself & give me her contact info. She said she just received my file & would be back in touch in a couple of days. Oh, and my loan was transferred from BAC to BofA. This was...
  16. freedomwon


    The incentive payment was only $1,000 per loan. Hardly seems like much of a punishment to take it away, but the 3 largest servicers will no longer receive their incentive payments. Federal fees halted to 3 mortgage servicers - The Washington Post The HAMP program is on it's way out anyhow...
  17. freedomwon

    My Recent Letter to BofA

    I recently sent a letter to BofA asking them to postpone the trustee sale. While I'm choosing not to post the entire letter, I address 2 issues in the letter. 1. If they proceed with a foreclosure sale on xx/xx/xxxx , they are in violation of Federal Law. Our loan modification is under...
  18. freedomwon

    Ca. - Successful Countrywide/BofA Principal Reduction

    We have our first member in California that has received a Countrywide (now BofA) loan mod that includes Principal Reduction. Our members loan mod comes pretty close to market value too...
  19. freedomwon

    Credit Card & foreclosing bank are the same

    BofA is my loan servicer & also my credit card company. I did have a 25k line of credit on the card but since I've got lates on my home loans, the line of credit continues to get decreased just a few hundred bucks above my balance. Got my balance down to around $5300 now. I'm so mad at the...
  20. freedomwon

    California NOD & NOTS

    3-9-11 - I called the county recorders office 2x today to be sure I spoke with 2 different people on purpose. I wanted to make sure I got the the same answer to my question. I discovered (much to my surprise) that both the Notice of Default & the Notice of Trustee sale does not need to be...