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  1. nacho1mom

    Mortgage Subsidy Bond Loan vs. Conventional FHA

    How do I find out if my home loan is a Mortgage Subsidy BondLoan? CalHFA stated in a letter and on the phone that my home loan is funded by Mortgage Subsidy Bonds. They say this is not modifiable.<o:p></o> My paperwork from WAMU when the loan originated and today, directly from the CalHFA...
  2. nacho1mom

    No interest reduction-no extdending terms

    If a lender can't do either of those, hard to believe they would forgive principal, so what else could be done to modify a loan?
  3. nacho1mom

    Anyone have sucess with CalHFA for Anything?

    Has anyone out there had success with CalHFA for anything? I am understanding that loans funded with Mortgage Subsidy Bond Issue funding allows NO MODIFICATIONS!:worried: While I may have to do all the walking away thing, I am more interested in keeping my home. Anybody had any luck so far...
  4. nacho1mom

    Is CalHFA High?

    :idea: A little over a month ago I went to CalHFA's website and used their mortgage calculator to see what a $75,000/yr. income, with no debt and 4.875% interest rate could get these days. Interestingly enough, the calculator said that would qualify someone for a $448,000 loan! Using the same...