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    Sticky: Up to Date Status on Chase Mods

    I have sent your lawyer an email tonight. Chase are killing me.
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    Newbie to Forum-Am I a Victim?

    Sorry I didn’t fully explain the taxes. The house was built on a plot of land that did not have a house on it previously. The taxes on the plot of land the previous year had been $6000 per year. When we closed in March 2007 we had to pay the March-April-May taxes at the rate of $516 per...
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    Newbie to Forum-Am I a Victim?

    New to the forum and read a lot of great things. I received a loan from Chase in March of 2007. The house was a brand new built house. Everything was agreed to on the loan doc's and I barely made the mortgage (according to Chase). Long story made short-One year later (april 2008)Chase tell us...