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    Anyone working with Kristina Bain?

    So, to be brief, I accepted an in-house mod on my first loan but declined the crappy offer on the second loan. I have since then been back and forth with my current negotiator, David Kozik, who has been awesome to work with. I had not heard back from him in response to an email I sent this...
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    Modified Terms Updated Online :)

    So, not sure why my original thread is still sitting on the CW sub-forum, but I just posted an update there that my new terms were just updated in the system and are now showing up online! YAY! Link to my thread (if anyone wants to read the whole saga)...
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    Re-negotiate second mortgage... advice?

    I have on the table a good offer on the first mortgage (very much like HAMP but an in-house mod). However, the offer on the second mortgage is only reducing my rate from 6.75 to 6, resulting in a savings of only $90/mo. This really does nothing for me and I would like to re-negotiate. Both...
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    HAMP Progress Report for 11/09

    New HAMP progress report released today (keep your eyes peeled for it, the press always gets it first before the Treasury posts it online): US GOVTS: Treasury Reports 650,994 Active HAMP Trials - Obama mortgage plan: 650,000 get help - Nov. 10, 2009
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    HAMP now accepting esignatures, updated data dictionary

    On eSignatures - On updated data dictionary -
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    Anyone subscribed to this?

    I'd love to read this full article but I'm not about to pay for a subscription... SIGTARP Slams Freddie’s HAMP Performance
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    New HAMP directive requiring written notices to borrowers!

    All I can say, is why didn't they make this a requirement from the beginning?!
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    Updated Fannie Mae servicing guide for HAMP
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    Why Servicers Foreclose... report by NCLC

    I have not read all of this yet, but Diane Thompson of the National Consumer Law Center has testified before officials on these issues and others. She has just released this report entitled, "Why Servicers Foreclose When They Should Modify and Other Puzzles of Servicer Behavior". I think this...
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    A 7 cent error gets woman rejected after trial period

    All I can say is I can't believe they told her that was the reason in the first place! The Associated Press: INSIDE WASHINGTON: Bank errors mar mortgage relief
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    New HAMP directive: Streamlined evaluation

    I think this is what some of the latest press reports are referring to in streamlining the process. I also expect we will see more details soon on short sales and DILs...stay tuned.
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    Simplified paperwork for HAMP is coming!

    I've said it time and again, how is it that we can all file taxes every year but when it comes to a loan mod...disaster! This article gives me hope! Feds say simplified paperwork should increase successful loan modifications | L.A. Land | Los Angeles Times
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    Good luck to Moe on the meeting w/Dan!

    I just wanted to start a new thread to wish Moe all the best on the meeting with Dan Frahm. It's tomorrow (Thurs 10/8) I do believe! I do hope all goes well and I have full faith in you, Moe! You've done such a great thing in starting this forum and I would be lost without it. It's become my...
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    What happened to the "unite and fight" forum?

    Hi Moe, Just wondering what happened to the "WE MUST STOP, THINK, ORGANIZE & UNITE! forum"? Are we no longer pursuing unified attacks or is this just a temporary halt? I was looking forward to a weekly email target and wanted to mass email MHA compliance at Freddie Mac. Thanks in advance for...
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    Would you take a step rate or shoot for HAMP?

    Not that I've been offered either one, but I may be in the near future getting a mod with a step rate that would mirror the terms of HAMP. So my question is, would you take a step rate mod with the same terms as HAMP or would you continue to fight and try and to get into HAMP? I can't say for...
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    Anyone know how to contact these Fannie Mae folks?

    For my next act (LOL!) I would like to contact Fannie Mae directly, not just calling customer service, but the real deal like I did to Jerry Weiss at Freddie Mac. Here are my next two targets: Leslie Peeler - VP at Fannie Mae, she has signed many MHA trial plans Michael J. Williams -...
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    Contacting MHA Compliance

    I have seen so many complaints and examples from people of many of the servicers failing to follow the guidelines for MHA/HAMP. I have personally complained to Fannie Mae (my lender) as well as Freddie Mac (who was assigned by The Treasury to monitor and audit servicers' compliance with the MHA...
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    If you have bank accts or ccs w/BofA, we should do this!

    County pulls money from Bank of America over flag flap
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    Just wondering, but wouldn't this be funny!

    I went to see a vacant home with a friend today. Went up to the front door and guess what was sitting there... a FedEx packet! I looked at her and said "wouldn't that be a kicker if it was from Bank of America!?" and sure enough, it WAS! I was SOOO tempted to open the darn thing! Here I am...
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    Article on the NPV test

    Eye on the Bailout - ProPublica Confirms my suspicions on having equity :( (and again, this test is based on the primary mortgage only so any LTV or other calculations will not include the amount on the second mortgage if there is one). So, if you have equity based on the primary mortgage...