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    Being denied due to have current mortgage??????!!!!!!!!

    Good evening every one in this forum, I just got a letter from Chase to state that my Loan was denied because I am either still current on my Loan or just ONLY ONE DUE PAYMENT and I am not the home owner at risk of defauft. Also, I can not documented my hardship?????. I am still on Long...
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    consequences of miss payment while under review HAMP

    Hi to every one in this forum, Is there anyone tell me the consequences if I miss payment while my loan is under review for HAMP? My servicer is Chase. Being denied twice due not to have the permanent Hardship ( I am in Long term Disability with 35% pay ). My Loan is still current but will...
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    Business Owner

    I am still current on mortgage with Chase.Due to have STD&LTD by car crash and my P&L earning decreased, I applied for HAMP. Being denied on 06/10, they stated that I do not have a permanent hardship. Re-apply on 07/10, I was informed my case was denied because NPV failed on 01/06/11. One day...