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    Funny Response From Servicer

    So I sent out my QWR to the servicer, and two weeks later get a letter stating that may have to contact ME for more information in order to answer my QWR. I'm surprised they also didn't ask me to supply the rope that they can hang me with.
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    Caught red-handed!

    I thought everyone fighting should see this - an internal email showing how the pretender lenders deliberately forge notes. In this case, there were two "versions" of the promissary note: Fraud on The Court!!! THIS ASSIGNMENT MUST BE BACKDATED... WE HAVE NO STANDING!!
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    Fight Foreclosure or Not Rant

    This isn't a question, more like a rant. I've been following the blogs of several foreclosure defense lawyers for a while now. I understand many of the issues why a foreclosure complaint could conceivably be dismissed, and why in many instances banks don't have the legal right to foreclose. One...
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    Fannie Mae Mortgage Release Program

    I just thought to give everyone a heads-up on this, saw it somewhere else, and it's being "offered" by Freddie and Fannie. It's called "Mortgage Release," and they've gone ahead and trademarked it to make it extra special I guess. Simply sign your house over to the pretender lender and leave...
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    Weird Experience with Lawyer's Office

    A few weeks ago, I called the lawyer who was present at my closing in 2001, requesting a copy of my title policy. The receptionist answered and I asked for the lawyer. She immediately starting asking "what this was about." I told her I just wanted the title policy. Well this "receptionist,"...
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    Is it worth it to apply for HAMP after foreclosure started?

    Mortgage company has filed for foreclosure; we submitted a motion to dismiss. Now they sent us a HAMP application. Is it worth it to complete the HAMP app and send it in?
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    Motion to Dismiss Filed - Now What?

    I'm in NJ and my attorney just filed a Motion to Dismiss a foreclosure complaint. I'm wondering if anybody knows what's next and/or what their experience has been? Is it likely plaintiff will back down, or object and continue? According to the Motion, my attorney mentioned multiple causes for...