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    25 months and a Final Loan Mod(no temp ever approved) came via FedEx today...UNBELIEVABLE

    Well, it seems for real at least. I got a final loan mod agreement after 25 months of back and forth with Chase. Denied 4 times and now a Final Agreement Received via FedEx today. Here is the deal: Loan Balance $711K 3 Year Step Principal Forgiveness of $106K per year if payments made...
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    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau--THIS is too good not to Share!!!

    So, I wrote to the CFPB about Chase, and they write to Chase. Chase comes up with all false information deliberately misleading a Federal Bureau and the CFPB does NOTHING and closes the case. What a flippin joke!! Read the response attached.
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    Google Voice Recording Question?? HATE CHASE!!!

    Due to so much misleading information, I tried to record on Chase phone call tonight and they said they can't talk on a recorded line. I don't understand this concept at all. If all is fair and honest(HAHA) why can't they talk to me....YET they can record. Anyhoooo, how do I find the...
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    Chase Letter to CFPB is all lies...imagine THAT?!!

    Put in a complaint online to the newly elected Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and in a timely fashion Chase put together a 4 page letter of lies about me not presenting them with financial information, me applying for HAUP when I didn't and Me getting a trial payment plan which was revoked...
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    TODAY-Final Loan Mod Docs Appear out of nowhere $800 MORE than Original Monthly Payment??!!

    Fighting since 2009, not paid anything since June 2010...sent document after document to Chase, gave up hope for loan mod BUT..trying to stay on the ride as long as possible rent free and out of nowhere final documents show up via FEDEX with payments that are $800 higher than the original...
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    Joseph A Smith Jr. Appointed Settlement Monitor Address

    Anyone able to find his address? I have searched all of Raleigh, NC to find him and nada....HELP.
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    CHASE Called me, Told to make Trial Payment yesterday, CHASE Called me today,told Trial offer is no

    Yesterday, Tracey Yokum, of Chase called to tell me to make the payment for our first trial payment after 2 years of sending documents. I promptly went into Chase bank and paid the trial payment. Today, I get a phone call from a new Relationship Manager(#11) Kim somebody..Stating that our...
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    Note of Intent to Foreclose Certified via USPS, "Trial" Payment Approval via FEDEX same DAY..HELP?!

    So the mailman comes today with a certified, Notice of Intent to Foreclose which we signed for because after 2.5 years this HAMPSTER is exhausted...I just want it over now. I have never been so discouraged with anything in all my 46 years on the planet. I can't take anymore faxing, calling...
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    Maryland Help for Homeowners Website---WHAT A JOKE!

    Directly from WEBSITE--- Help for HomeownersFor Marylanders facing foreclosure, there is help available.If you are a homeowner who is late on your mortgage payments or fear you may become unable to make payments in the near future, you should contact your mortgage company immediately. If...
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    Fraudclosure2009-2010 "Reviews" that Propublica wrote about is a disaster already...Hmmm Failure Pat

    My 75 year old parents were foreclosed on by Suntrust in FLA after applying for Hamp and attempting a Short Sale. It was and is very sad. Propublica published an article a few weeks ago about an independent review process that would go over the foreclosures from certain banks that were...
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    Worth it to READ and Watch! <table align="center" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="650"><tbody><tr bgcolor="#FFFFFF"></tr><tr bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><td align="center" valign="top" width="10"> </td><td align="left" width="630"> Jamie...
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    Alert!!! Before listing your house for short sale>>>please read this!!!

    We tried, unsuccessfully to get a loan mod starting June 2009. May 2010, we listed our house for sale.... NOT Short sale.....December 2010 we dropped the price to meet the last "foreclosure" price and got a Short Saleoffer/contract to which we presented to CHASE. In just 6 weeks we got a Short...
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    Even with Lawyer STILL getting the "missing documents" story from CHASE...anyone have a GUN?

    I hired a lawyer and hand delivered all the documents required to the Chase Home Preservation Office. I have email confirmation that they have the documents. I saw the documents on the Chase system with my very own eyes. My lawyer emailed me with a laundry list of items that I haven't sent...
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    6 WEEKS From Start to Finish on HAFA

    Applied for HAMP got no where for 18 months. Sent Application for HAFA 3 weeks ago and now they approved it and want us out in 3 weeks. I despise CHASE bank with a passion!!! My lawyer said the the govt moved the Hamp incentive to HAFA and that is why they will be approving HAFA so quickly...
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    MOE or EVAN, Please help.....I am losing it!

    I sent in paperwork for HAFA two weeks ago and got a notice in the mail that I was approved for a short sale. Now today I get a fedex telling me to send in the exact same paperwork that they already have from 2 weeks ago. I am really losing it! I feel as though I could burst at the seems...
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    Approved for HAFA by Chase but Investor might not participate???

    So, to be brief..strung out by Chase on a loan mod for 9 months only to get denied due to insufficient paperwork, (sent it 5 times, whatever) Now I have submitted paperwork for HAFA on a short sale. Chase won't talk to me but they have been in contact with the realtor and said that I am...
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    Bank ordered BPO for Short Sale

    I got a call from CHASE that they ordered the BPO. Is this a good sign?...I am so none trusting of them as they have led me on a wild goose chase for so long that I don't know what to believe. I just want a HAFA short that too much to ask of them?? or should I go to Fantasy Island??
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    Not a Peep from Chase at home but called work 9 times yesterday!!

    WTH??? Is there anything that can be done to stop the calls at work? I don't even know how they got my work number. We are most definitely walking away from our $400,000 underwater home. Chase foreclosed and sold the house across the street for $349,000...original mortgage $749,000. I...
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    How can this be legal?????? Total Banking SCAM!

    Chase just settled another REO original mortgage $604,000 for $379,000. Would not help the homeowner with a mod, foreclosed and sold to "Joe Blow" for $379,000. WTF?????? This is just criminal!!! Yet, NOTHING is being done about it. We just missed our second payment and already got a NOD...
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    Reply from Congressional Oversight Panel...blah blah blah

    Congressional Oversight Panel 732 North Capitol Street, NW Rooms: C-320 and C-617 Mailstop: COP Washington, DC 20401 June 2, 2010 Dear Mrs. XXXXX, Thank you for taking the time to write to the Congressional Oversight Panel regarding the foreclosure crisis and...