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    selling rental home that was once our primary residence...1031 question

    Hello, We have a home that we purchased in 2005. We resided in that home until 2013. From 2013 to present it has been rented. We are now going to sell it. Do we have to reinvest the entire profit into a 1031 exchange or just a percentage based on how many years we resided in the home vs. rented...
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    Second Mortgage Shows As Closed On Credit Report, How To Get It Off Of Title

    We took out a Second Mortgage with Indy Mac in 2005. We got behind due to job loss around 2007. Indy Mac went out of business, account was sold to One West (I only know because of our credit reports). They never once contacted us regarding this account. We now want to sell the home and it is...
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    IndyMac HELOC

    We have a HELOC with IndyMac and have not heard anything from them since they were sold in 2009. Therefore we have not been paying as we don't know where to send payments. We are in the same house, same address etc. We are now considering selling our home and want to know how to handle this...