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    Confused & Scared

    We have already talked to an attorney. She advised us to send an answer to the lawsuit as well. I did that a week ago. She said this would give us some time to get things worked out, as the court date on the served paper work shows a May court By the cost us 640.00 just to...
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    Who is Your Lender?

    Re: Poll Who Is Your Lend Wilshire Mortgage Company
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    Confused & Scared

    The residence was purchased to live in. We lived in the house for over two years. The second mortgage was done at the time of the original purchase, and was for more of a down payment on the home loan. A few months after we moved in (approximately 6 months) we got more money from our 2nd...
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    Confused & Scared

    My husband and I purchased our home with a subprime loan in May 2005. We purchased at a time when the housing price was increasing very quickly. Unfortunately the bottom soon dropped out. We had planned to bite the bullet and make the payment for two years and then refinance when our credit...