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    Still fighting

    Hello to everyone Moe; I just wanted you to know that my story hit the front page of the "Sun" 8-2-09 (Sunday) I am finally going to Civil court behind this mortgage of mine. To everyone who is at the end of their ropes, do not give up. My own battle has been long but it is worth...
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    what is a fobearance Agreement

    I would like to know what forbearance Agreement is? And why would I sign one before they decide on my modification? Farawayangel
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    Moe Can the Bait & Swith Law Apply to Mortgages?

    I was going over some real estate laws today and I found this site. It is a bait and switch law for real estate. If what the article says is true can't some of the homeowners sue under this law. There is a bait and switch law for consumer...
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    Hello to all; I am new at this so please bare with me:o I thought when I bought my home ten years ago I thought that I would never see anything happen like this in America. Many are lost and confused. I have seen many posts on other sites that say we the homeowners are at fault. But are we...