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    REST report submitted

    I submitted my report and negotiator Shawna Jackson @ BofA emailed be back saying she received it. I call almost daily since submitting it and it's still in review. I'm having anxiety attacks just waiting for an answer.
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    Submitted my REST report to BofA and still waiting

    I emailed my REST report to the OOP email address and also faxed to them on 2/26/11. No response so I asked who the negotiator was and they re-assigned it to the same person when my case was previously denied. I emailed her on 3/5/11 and she emailed me back stating she received the report on...
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    Has anyone in Hawaii gotten a loan mod with the REST report?

    I'm in the process of getting the REST report and wanted to know if anyone in Hawaii got their loan mod approved with this report.
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    Boa loan mod - still in review!!!!

    I initially applied for this loan mod last year in February. I started making my trial payments starting April 2010. I made my trial payment on time; however, i went on maternity leave and my paychecks were almost half of my net pay. Therefore, i couldn't make trial payments for May, June...