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    Mod approved, papers signed and submitted. Still waiting...

    Moe, Poppy, or anyone else who can provide some insight, please do so. As you have read from my threads, I have been diligently working on a mod with Option One. They approved a mod on both our loans. We signed the paperwork, had them notarized, and sent them back. This was back in mid-Feb...
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    When Borrowers Fight Back

    Door Could Open To Class Actions; WHEN BORROWERS FIGHT BACK: Banks watch closely to see if a couple's legal struggle with their lender will launch a new front in the battle over troubled mortgages. David Cho Washington Post Staff Writer 1166 words 02/27/2008 The Washington Post FINAL...
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    FHA to loosen requirements of FHASecure!

    HUD Mulling How to Widen FHA Refi Net By Kate Berry 904 words 02/19/2008 American Banker 1 Vol. 173, No. 33 English (c) 2008 American Banker and SourceMedia, Inc. All rights reserved. The Federal Housing Administration is planning to loosen some of the requirements of FHASecure - a...
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    Has a QWR been effective for anyone yet?

    Hi..Moe and others have suggested that I submit a qualified written request to my lender (Option One), because I've been dealing with some delays in the processing of our loan modification. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had any success with this specific to delays in the loan...
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    Fate of Countrywide Article

    Interesting article about Countrywide Defaults Rise at Mortgage Lender; Foreclosures Surge, Countrywide Says
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    What Goes On Behind the Scenes in Loan Mod?

    Moe....would you or someone else who is knowledgeable in this area be able to enlighten me as to what goes on behind the scenes when a loan modification is being processed? My negotiator has mentioned he is waiting for title, etc. What paperwork on their end is involved? I'm just curious and...
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    Mortgage Relief Fund: Those in ARMs w/ no Defaults

    Moe..I may be posting this info in the wrong forum. But, this one seems to be where the most traffic is lately, so I posted here.... I think this info may be helpful for someone. This fund can't help us since we are already behind on payments. But for those you who live in New England and...
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    Option One Success III

    I haven't gotten the paperwork yet, but our negotiator sent me an email that our loan modification has been approved. I wanted to share this initial good news because I really have this forum to thank for getting us in this direction. I was very despondent a few months ago after unsuccessfully...
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    Two Loans w/ One Lender: Can I Modify Both?

    I currently have a negotiator for a loan modification on our mortgage with Option One. The application was submitted for the first loan. However, we are behind on both. Would they be able to do a modification for both loans? Both loans are with option one.
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    Fed Urges Broad Subprime Alterations

    If only all this urging would incite some ACTION!!! We've read this time and time before. Sigh...well at least things will be heading in the right direction, one of these days.
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    Boycotting Countrywide in Boston

    Our loan is actually with Option One, but I came across this interesting information on NACA's website. Thought some of you may find this interesting:
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    Boston Federal Reserve Bank President Speaks . . .
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    Question Regarding Option One Loan Mod

    I had posted a question previously inquiring about other people's experience with Option One Mortgage. Nathan kindly replied to that post suggesting that I get assistance from a lawyer when applying for a loan modication. Through my employer, I am a member of a legal plan. I'm not sure if...
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    Has Anyone Applied for FHASecure?

    I called the FHA customer service to find out if this product was available yet. They informed me that FHA approved lenders have been provided the underwriting guidelines for this and that it is available. I contacted one of the lenders in my area that is FHA approved. They don’t seem...
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    Has anyone dealt with Option One?

    I am currently working on submitting a loan modification request with them. We paid 319, 900 for our home in 2005 with an 80/20. Our first loan had a rate of 6.4%. Our second loan's rate is 10%. The first loan adjusted in April to 9.4%. It will be adjusting again in November. We are...