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  1. Jzone

    Citi Mortgage Settle Second And Release Lien After Bankruptcy

    Decided to close the post on my original thread and start a new one on getting the lien released. Background: Filed bankruptcy 2012 and discharged 1st and 2nd mortgage. Did not reaffirm and continued to make payments to stay in house. Still current on first but stopped paying on second in...
  2. Jzone

    2nd Mortgage Lien After Bankruptcy Michigan

    Bankruptcy discharged in 2013. 1st and 2nd mortgage not reaffirmed, but remained in home. Never have heard anything from either mortgage company. Liens are with both 1st and 2nd mortgage companies. House is currently just above water by $5,000 if you use latest zillow estimates. My question...
  3. Jzone

    Citi Mortgage:settle 2nd After Bankruptcy/unsecured Portion Of Secured?

    Looking for advice on settling 2nd mortgage with citimortgage. Filed bankruptcy in 2013 and discharged 1st and 2nd mortgage. Did not reaffirm, but continued to stay in house and make payments on both. Have never heard from either mortgage company. Local bank has first mortgage, 3.85% interest...