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    no data on mers

    helping my parents with their loan mod and could not find any data on mers what does that mean I know I read about this somewhere on the forum years ago anyone have a link thank you
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    20-30k to move on short sale? anyone?

    What I heard was the bank settlement in calif would give foreclosed homeowners 1000 to 2000 and short salers could get as much as 30 k. case by case bases when the money is gone thats it. My parents are going to try the shortsale since they were denied mod. Wells fargo asc Any one have...
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    final mod docs

    hi all We finished trial mod 3rd month in july I got the final perm mod docs and the first payment is due oct 1 I did not pay aug and dont plan on paying sept Is this the right thing to do or can they deny me now that I did not pay aug sep I am having the docs notarized and sending them back...
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    mod offer

    my relationship manager called and told me the terms of my loan mod these numbers are rounded off past due 90,000 current balance 574,000 differing principle to 474,000 2% 1-5 3% 6 4% 7 4.75% 8-26 balloon at end 453,000 i asked why the balloon is so high still waiting for an...
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    criminal bank

    Countdown to March 29: Prepare for a National Call-In Day to our 50-state Attorneys General | Crime Shouldn't Pay this has got alot of national tv coverage and seems to getting the attention of the banks... lets all join together and be... WINNING sorry for that couldnt resist i was going to say...
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    crime doesmt pay

    i hope its ok to post this here we all need to ban together to fight the banks Countdown to March 29: Prepare for a National Call-In Day to our 50-state Attorneys General | Crime Shouldn't Pay
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    fix credit or file bankruptcy

    im not sure if its easier to fix my credit with all sorts of lates on two accounts my morg no payments for 16 months and one citi credit card not paying or claim bankruptcy and wipe out all bad debt including a lien. my score went from 728 to 500 now. they just modified my loan so that should...
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    npv denial appeal then nothing

    i was denied in april due to npv not enough income i requested the input data and got it the numbers they used were wrong so i sent proof of correct numbers. now they are saying i have to fill out a whole new package with all new and current info. what happened to my appeal... dont they have...
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    chase profits 4.8 billion in 2Q

    glad to see the bailout helped chase recover with such great profits now that they are recovered im sure they will modify all our loans just wait for the trickle down effect... its coming right? trickle trickle...19 months still waiting
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    npv appeal vs. new app.

    i was recently denied based on npv not enough income (self employed) i requested the data input and sent in correction sheet with actual income as 5003 the min. number i needed was 3123 am still waiting to hear back from emc how long does this part take in the meantime i got a new loan mod...