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    Thinking about buying. Do we have a realistic chance?

    In June of 2017 had a negative situation on mortgage as follows: 1st Mortgage Principal Balance - 119,000, Did not make eight payments in a row. Monthly Payment $949. $3,000 late interest due. 2nd HELOC: Principal Balance 155,000, Did not make 36 payments in a row. Monthly Payment $1343...
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    Looking at Buying Again - FICO Score

    My credit score for the years 1980 through 2014 ran at the 800+- level. Also bought and sold two houses during this period. In 2014 ran into a few financial issues not able to pay my second mortgage for 39 months. My FICO score collapsed and went to 617 Sold the house. Paid bank off in full...
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    How long till credit score

    Had financial difficulties. Kept all bills current except HELOC and lst. HELOC had 39 delinquent payment and the 1st had 9. The HELOC was with Bank of America who owned the paper and the 1st was with Bank of America who was servicing the loan for FANNIE MAE. The HELOC filed notice of...
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    Trial Period Plan

    Principal amount on my HELOC IS $175,000. We have not made a payment in 40 months. BofA has offered us a three month trial period. at $1500 per month. I am trying to understand this B of A program. I understand they are asking for three payments. We are delinquent 40 months and...
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    B Of A Departments

    I have some correspondence from BOFA and been assigned a relationship manager from the home loan team. Am delinquent on my HELOC. The home loan team provides four basic options. Foreclosure, Deed in Leiu, short sale, and loan mod. They will not even talk to you unless you agree to send...
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    Notice Of Default

    Thanks for the information Mo. It seems odd to me that those in the business that follow legal filings as a way to get prospects let me know about the notice, and the bank did not send me a copy of the notice that the 90 day period had started. I have been researching while writing and just...
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    Notice Of Default

    It bring up this question because I was not notified from the bank. In theory, I do not know they have filed a notice of default. Does not seem proper.
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    Notice Of Default

    I was under the understanding the bank would notify by certified mail or at least US mail.
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    Notice Of Default

    I mentioned above that I received a notice of default in the mail. That was not true. I actually found out about the NOD from several realtors who watch for the filings to prospect for potential business who called it to my attention. Kind of scumy types. Is it standard procedure for a Bank...
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    Notice Of Default

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    Notice Of Default

    Have not been able to pay pay second for 26 months. First is Current. Today received a notice of Default in the mail. Came with a Declaration on CA Civil Code 2923.55 stating. 1. Left voice mail with number for me to contact - True. Many times. I did answer this several times and the...
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    Debt Validation Notice

    Thank you for your insights Maurice. Much appreciated!!
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    Bank of America Second Lien Mortgage Debt Extinguishment Q&A

    I thought if the second foreclosed, the second had to pay off the first to take title to the house.
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    Debt Validation Notice

    Home value is approx 250,000 first 125,000 and second at 171,655 = total debt of 296,655 so a deficit of approx $46,655 If I continue to delay dialogue with the bank, In your experience, what action do you think I should expect next from the bank?
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    Debt Validation Notice

    B OF A First $125,000 and Current 970 per month P and I B of A HELOC: No payment for 24 months. Payment is 1350 per month Taxes and Insurance current I have not been in contact with the bank. They have periodically left messages for me to call them and I have not returned the...
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    What Happens If First Forecloses And The Holder Of Second Pays Off First?

    Thanks Maurice. I am not in a good position. At the end of the day, does it make a difference if the first(non-recourse) starts foreclosure or the second starts foreclosure(recourse). Am I in a better position if the first starts the foreclosure or the second starts foreclosure?
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    What Happens If First Forecloses And The Holder Of Second Pays Off First?

    Thanks for the reply, You stated "2nd would come after you at some time in the future as well" What does come after you entail? Judgement, Payroll garnish, Law suit?.............................
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    What Happens If First Forecloses And The Holder Of Second Pays Off First?

    Home Value 245,000 Live in California First = 124,000, 13 1/2 years left on a 15 year mortgage. Non Recourse. Mortgage is Current First installment of property taxes Second is a HELOC = 158,000 principal, plus $26,000 in payments not made for the past 20 months.(approx 14,000 is...
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    Delinquent Taxes

    Thanks for the information. First is current and can afford to make payment, but the second is the one that we cannot afford to pay. Thought the second would have foreclosed by now as it has been about 18 months since have been unable to pay second. It is the first who is notifying us about...