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    Seeking Advice - New servicer reporting discharged non-reaffirmed (2009 bankruptcy) mortgage loan payments to Credit Bureaus

    Hi, Need some guidance. My Credit Score was up above 700. My home loan which was discharged and non-reaffirmed in a 2009 Chapter 7 bankruptcy was recently transferred to a new servicer (Nationstar / Mr. Cooper) The BK public record fell of my report about 3 months ago. When I filed...
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    Looking for options - Bankruptcy fell off Credit Report - Home underwater

    Hi, Located in CT. Filed BK in 2009 (home was discharged therein). Stayed and paid in home; currently underwater. Bankruptcy just came off of credit report. Need a larger space for growing family. Mortgage payment made every month (rolling 60 days late - I pay at day 59) What are options...
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    Options For Refinancing Home Post Bankruptcy - Not Reaffirmed / Stay And Pay

    We had the mortgage discharged in BK in 2009 and continue to pay. Loan is with Seterus. Our discharged loan is upside down. At this point there have been some positive income changes for us and the topic of moving or putting a second floor / dormer have come up. Question is if there are...
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    Green Tree Servicing To Pay $63 Million To Settle Federal Charges

    I had a Second Mortgage that was serviced by Greentree for many years. I settled for about 60% of the total loan amount after it was charged off over a year ago. I was a victim of their practices. How can i be assured that I will be included in the settlement and a recipient of funds...
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    Currently Doing A Pay & Stay W/ Discharged Mortgage - Have Questions

    Hello, My home loan was discharged in a 2009 Chapter 7 BK. After the discharge we did have a few struggles and our mortgage changed servicers a few times. We decided post discharge that due to an affordable payment and the needs of our family that it would be best to stay and pay. Rental...
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    Karma Is A B*tch Green Tree Servicing - Finally Getting What You Deserve.
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    Bank Of America To Seterus - Questions

    Hi, My mortgage is now serviced by SETERUS, is was previously serviced by Bank of America. The mortgage was discharged in a 2009 Chapter 7; but it was modified and we continue to make payments. When it was transferred from BOA we were on a repayment plan for 1 missed payment; but this...
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    Seterus - Notice Of Intent - Discharged In Bankruptcy

    Hi, My mortgage is now serviced by SETERUS, is was previously serviced by Bank of America. The mortgage was discharged in a 2009 Chapter 7; but it was modified and we continue to make payments. When it was transferred from BOA we were on a repayment plan for 1 missed payment; but this...
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    1st Mortgage Discharged In Chapter 7 - Market Values

    Hi, My primary mortgage was discharged in a 2009 Chapter 7 BK. We are still in the home and making monthly payments. Can the lender foreclose on me if I am making payments but the market value of the home increases to the point my loan is no longer underwater?
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    Impact Of Debt Settlement On Credit Score

    Hi, I am in the process of settling a charged off (per credit report) 2nd mortgage. My attorney is writing up the settlement terms in a letter and he is including something in regards to credit reporting status. How does settling an charged off account for less than the full value impact my...
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    Pay & Stay - Options If I Want To Move

    Hi, I have settled my Second Mortgage and had the lien removed. My first mortgage was discharged in a Chapter 7 back in 2009. Since then we have stayed in the home w/ a modified mortgage and reasonable payment. Yes, my 1st is still underwater. At this point in time now that my second is taken...
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    1st Mortgage Discharged In Chapter 7 Bk In 2009 - Pay And Stay Question

    Hi, My 1st Mortgage was discharged in 2009. Since then I've been doing a pay and stay. All payments are current, but my home is still severely underwater on the 1st. I also have a 2nd mortgage on the home, obviously that is underwater as well. My wife and I both have decent credit scores now...
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    Need Assistance Finding My Pooling And Servicing Agreement - Wells Fargo N.a. Trustee

    Wells Fargo N.A. is the Trustee. The Mortgage Back Securitized Trust is Irwin Home Equity Loan Trust 2007-1 Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
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    Can I file a Motion for Nonsuit as a Defendant

    You may already be familiar w/ my case. I am located in CT. and I am being sued by my the lien holder on my underwater HELOC for breach of contract. They are not foreclosing, it is a civil suit. I filed an answer and special defense back in October and they have done nothing on their end. Am...
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    State of CT. Marshall sittong out front of house

    Hi, I'm in CT. Involved in civil suit on my underwater heloc. I was already served a few months back and filed an answer/special defense. All has been quiet, but today it looks likes judicial Marshall is hanging around. What papers should I be expected robe served with next? No motions for...
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    Personal Loan for Debt Settlement Purposes

    Hi, Hoping someone can assist. My underwater HELOC is playing hardball and I am facing the realization of having to file Chapter 13 BK. I am very confident that they would settle w/ me if I presented them with an offer in the 40-50% range and avoid having to file. Does anyone have any...
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    Dealing in Underwater Wells HELOC - Green Tree is servicer

    Civil suit was filed against me back in July. They are suing me on the note as I am already underwater by $100K on the primary loan. Settlement negotiations have gone nowhere. I filed an appearance, answer, and special defense. I just met with a very good civil suit and chapter 13 BK attorney...
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    When will it ever end? - Underwater Second Mortgage woes

    Hi, I am being sued by Wells Fargo, the trustee on my underwater 2nd Mortgage. The claimed amount owed is $46,000. They refuse to settle for anything less that 50% and I do not have access to those funds. I went as high as 12,000 at one point. I did speak to an attorney and they have been...
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    Green Tree REFUSES to Settlement for less than 50%!

    I've offered these guys 10%, 20% and now will be offering around 35% on a 48,000 Charged Off severely underwater HELOC. The have filed suit against me. Why are they being so difficult? I'm fairly sure a wage garnishment is inevitable, however I will mount as strong of a defense as I can.
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    Settling w/ Green Tree Servicing (Wells Fargo Investor)

    Hi, I am working on a settlement w/ Green Tree. My loan balance is $48,000 and Wells Fargo is suing me on the note. I am reluctant to hire an attorney although I've met w/ one and he is saying he would have a better chance at settling w/ me. I've file an appearance at this point and the next...