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  1. Jzone

    Refinance Conv to FHA w/ cash out

    I would start with the FHA counseling site:
  2. Jzone

    2do Mortgage - Ocwen PHH NewRez Nationwide Direct Inc

    Was this a bankruptcy case? Or did you simply stop paying the second mortgage? 10 years is a long time to go without realizing that the 2nd is still a valid lien. First thing you need to do is check with your county register of deeds and see who holds the lien. Mortgages/liens can be...
  3. Jzone

    How exactly will money change hands ?

    Just Google "home closing process". Laws vary by state, but there are steps that need to be taken. If you are using a real estate agent, they will handle most of it. You can buy/sell on your own but I wouldnt recommend it if this is your first home purchase.
  4. Jzone

    Need Help! Bank Charge off of home equity loan 6 years ago.

    Look at this from the banks point of view. You defaulted on a $31,000 loan and don't appear trustworthy to them either. Charged off does not mean the balance goes away and you owe nothing. Charged off simply means the bank took the loss and sold the debt to someone else. Unless you filed...
  5. Jzone

    Who has my title?

    First, check with your county register of deeds and see if it was filed after paying off the mortgage. It could of been filed and you were never mailed a copy. Then check your states guidelines for release of property liens. Some states require the lien holder to release the lien and pay the...
  6. Jzone

    Dismissed bankruptcy and credit report

    Its not impossible, but very unlikely to get removed. Filing for bankruptcy gives you protection from debt collection. When the bankruptcy is dismissed/not completed, you lose that protection from collections. Once you file and its discharged or dismissed, its still going to be on your report...
  7. Jzone

    Settlement on SLS 2nd

    First thing to do is confirm that both your first and second mortgages were included in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Also confirm that neither mortgage was reaffirmed. Then find out your state specific laws on foreclosures. Your bankruptcy lawyer could be of great help here. In most states, but not...
  8. Jzone

    Late Payment

    When was your payment due? July 1st? Most mortgages have a 10 day grace period. Mine is due on the 1st of the month, but not considered late until the 11th. If this was your June payment and not July payment, then it probably would be considered late.
  9. Jzone

    SLS 2nd Mortgage CA

    I dont know about California, but Im in similiar situation in Michigan. 1st and 2nd discharged in Chapter 7. Have kept paying on the first but not on the second. 2nd was sold/transferred to United Guaranty, basically a debt collector. In Michigan, the 2nd mortgage can foreclose but must also...
  10. Jzone

    LOCs for investments, debt etc

    Help me out here. What is an LOC?
  11. Jzone

    Balloon payments

    A modification should lower your balance, not raise it. Look for a different bank
  12. Jzone

    Can just any one serve you with court papers.

    "so can a manger give legal documents to some one else to pass it on. Just to be-able to say. “Bob” the repair guy this company uses He told me he handed It over to Jim. So Jim knows to appear or to call because my maintenance guy said so" In some state, this would be considered...
  13. Jzone

    Do we have any options?

    I would contact your Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney. Are you sure it was Chapter 13 and not Chapter 7? Chapter 13 provides you with a payment plan to pay off your creditors. If you didnt make the payments, then the debt is not discharged. Review your discharge paperwork from the court. It...
  14. Jzone

    Nov 2019 RTR settlements accepted

    RTR is a collection agency, so your HELOC must of been with a bank? You stopped paying in 2012 and then it was probably assigned to RTR? 5% settlements are very rare. Today its more like 20%-50%. Most home markets are rising and lien holders have no incentive to settle because your home will...
  15. Jzone

    Can just any one serve you with court papers.

    It will depend on what you are being served with. Small claims court? An eviction? Court action? Civil violation? etc.... Most states allow the county sheriff to be a process server. But many states simply allow anyone over 18 to serve papers. Find out what your state allows. Some states...
  16. Jzone

    Bank of America Defrauded HUD and left us holding the bag!

    Need a little more information to comment: Its a "partial claim" from where? Is it from a loan that you completely stopped paying? How did you find out about this claim? When you started to refinance?
  17. Jzone

    Success in Settling 2nds-cont'd

    Please clear this up a bit before I can comment. Your mortgage with First Horizon was a 2nd mortgage that was charged off? Who was the "original second mortgage" with? Who was the 1st mortgage with? Or do you mean you only had one mortgage, not a 1st and a 2nd at the same time? Mortgages and...
  18. Jzone

    Refinance After Paid Charged-off Second

    If the bank you are refinancing with cant tell you what this means, I would look for a different bank. Liens dont go away easily, especially on a second mortgage that has been sold/assigned/transferred/etc.. Somebody wants to get paid first. I am not sure, but it could be that there are some...
  19. Jzone

    Negotiating the debt with Servicer

    I doubt if 5% offer for a settlement would be accepted in todays rising markets. Most are 20-30% now or the servicer is not interested in a settlement anyway-they are happy to wait it out. You say you were advised to not pay your HELOC back in 2013. Why? And why did you not file bankruptcy...