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    My HSBC 2nd mortgage negotiations round 3

    i have not heard anything since my write off but did receive a form for my taxes. They wrote off 69,000
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    Chase Is A Piece Of Work

    I am back!!! Listen I didnt mean to get everyone crazy hear. I have been down your road for the last ten years of my life. I lost two children one of cancer the other in a car accident (10yrs and 17yrs) I have lived in the bankruptcy courts for 10 years(filed chap 13 5x) Everytime i went...
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    Chase Is A Piece Of Work

    Your very angry maybe a little counseling would benefit you!!!!
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    Chase Is A Piece Of Work

    Noooo I am a chase customer who was 36months behind at 12.5 interest and I do believe CHASE helps there customers. You just dont give up I was turned down 5x talk about being discouraged
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    Chase Is A Piece Of Work

    I wrote a heart wreching email to Mr Dimon really spilling my guts about everything. The next day I got a call from the executive team acknowledging the email one week later I was approved for a mod. I really feel deep down my letter had a lot to do with me getting a mod. So in my eyes he can...
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    Chase Is A Piece Of Work

    I find it hard to believe she got no notice from her town that she was behind on her taxes. Granted the mortgage company screwed up but I am sure many notices went out to her. When my servicer EMC Mortgage sold my mortgage to CHASE started getting letters a year later that I was behind in my...
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    My HSBC 2nd mortgage negotiations round 3

    Well I receive a letter today also that beneficial wrote off my second home equity loan 71,000 now what??? I am nervous
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    Help Didn't Know I Had A Balloon Loan With Chase

    Call Michael from the Loan Mod Center he will help. He just got me a modification with CHASE he is so knowledgeable believe it will be the best phone call you make
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    Updated On Chase Website

    I know this is one of the many question and I know because I also posted this question. I mailed my MOD paperwork back on September 4 and as of today everything was updated on the website. So it takes about 3weeks. My journey has ended and I will never miss another payment even if I have to...
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    Final Mod Rec'd After 4 Years This Is Why.....

    My final Mod was Rec'd yesterday after three denials four chapter 13 bankruptcy's numerous phone calls with CHASE and the reason for this is.......Michael Nazarinia from the Loan Mod Center. This man got me a modification. He is so knowledgeable and believe me when I say he is there for you...
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    Balloon Disclosure Help

    what happens Moe after 15 years you have a 200,000 balloon payment how can you possibly pay that?? do these mortgage companies realize something like that is impossible.
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    Account Status Online

    So I logged onto my chase online account. I made my last trial payment on the 21st so when i signed on it shows that the trial mods were checked and it says that my paperwork was mailed out but under letter i cannot view. Could this be accurate. Anyone else watch there status online when in the...
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    My HSBC 2nd mortgage negotiations round 3

    when I look up my information with the town I live in they are listed as a lien holder on the property maybe there figuring that someday when I decide to leave they will be paid
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    My HSBC 2nd mortgage negotiations round 3

    my second is with hsbc originally beneficial loan amount 60,000 have not heard from them in 5 years nothing noted on my credit report dosent even show anything. What are the chances they will come back to life and haunt me ??
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    Chapter 13 Question On Missed Mortgage Payments

    you can always refile or talk to your lawyer he can work out agreement with your mortgage company. I filed 4x not proud of it but I got into a subprime mortgage 13% interest worked with Michael from the Mod Center and just rec'd a mod thank God!!! The one thing I can say if you fall behind with...
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    Chase - Modification Agreement Arrived

    Congrats after your last trial payment how long did you wait for your documents??? and did you have to get it notorized?? Thanks
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    Modification Agreement Packet Arrived

    Can I ask did you have trial payments or was it a straight modification?? And the big question how long did you wait for your paperwork??
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    Rehabilitation on defaulted loan

    My husbands student loan was defaulted on many years ago and I did a Rehabilitation Program and got back on track. We are again behind and may go into default can he do the Rehabilitation Program again to get back on track. My question is Is the Rehabilitation Program a one time deal??
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    Still Waiting

    I am still waiting for my documents since January 14th. I am so frustrated first there was a problem with title then that was fixed. Then because I let my bankruptcy go it then had to go from the bankruptcy department to the Non bankruptcy department. Every time I call they say its being...
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    New to this and first denial

    I tried 2x was denied I Contacted Michael from the Mod Center and got approved within one month he is amazing knows everything about Mods he is very knowledgeable!!! Call him it was the best call I ever made