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    Buy and Bail in California

    Thanks TomEason appreciate the clarification. I kind of thought they were independent, but I was trying to be clever! LOL I was going to try and make the arguement that if the SOJL cannot enforce the collection of the debt through the court system than technically there is no legal obligation? I...
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    Walking away in New Jersey

    I would suggest you contact a lawyer and just ask a few of the highest priority questions you might have. I think what you'll start to see is most lawyers will tell you Dj's are rare in NJ. Now there is absolutely no guarantee that this won't change in the future but for now, that seems to be...
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    Foreclosure Timeline in NJ

    Getting back to your chapter 7 BK for a moment. I am guessing you had no equity in the property? Therefore the Trustee did not force a sale of the property? Also it is quite possible that the bank or trust that you were paying your mortgage to each month actually had NO proof during the BK...
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    Foreclosure Timeline In New York

    I did a search across all NY counties for foreclosure cases that were initiated in 2014. I searched under three plaintiffs and this is how many cases each one has just for 2014 alone: Chase (2265), Nationstar (2481) and Wells Fargo (4542). That's 9288 cases in a year's time for just three...
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    The Statute Of Limitations Defense For Foreclosure

    I think NY's courts are more honest and ethical than NJ. Perhaps because it has a democratic AG who means business. He is heavy-handed when it comes to the banks. The NJ AG must be in bed with the banks. I have NEVER heard about anything our AG is doing.
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    Foreclosure Defense On Fha Loans (24 Cfr 203.604)

    Not only is HUD fully ignoring its agency responsibilities to enforce its own regulations, HUD PAYS OUT CLAIMS to these same criminal lenders who repeatedly violate regulations to which they have certified compliance. Seems HUD could care less.