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  • am not sure if this is possible but I am hearing this more and more. I am an owner of a house that is not mine. How did that happen? My ex-Wife got it in the divorce decree, the loan and title were in my name, she couldn't refinance and decided to walk away... on me, twice. :mad:

    Besides the obvious fact of the really bad choice I made, is there a way for me to stop this blood loss? :( I have already successfully managed to get the loan modified by Ocwen in a incredible process that was as painful as most of you already know. From the customer service calls in India to the losing of docs to redoing everything twice to the cursory denial to the "please help" begging sessions to the modification that was more a joke than anything else. :eek:

    In any event, I recently heard that Countrywide Home Loans was buying back homes. Is this a good option? Is it possible? :confused: As far as I know that home is not upside down yet so it should not be a short sale, is a buy back the same as a deed in lieu of? I need help. Has anyone done this with Ocwen?

    HELP! thank you! :)
    Hi Moe,
    I just found your organization this evening and it is amazing the support and information that is provided on your site. I am reacching out to you, as I need some guidance in working with my lender Citi Mortgage. I look forward to discussing my options with you.
    Regards, Jaxsongirl
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