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    2nd mortgage

    Here's a copy of the letter I have sent several times over the last 8 years. They have only responded back once to my offer. They have called and sent letters requesting more financial information, but I always decline with a repeat of the offer only...
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    2nd mortgage

    Have they made a settlement offer? Or they want you to make the offer?
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    Second Mortgage Charged Off in 2012 - Lien Still Held by Credit Union

    Thats good news! I have been tempted to contact my lien holder during this pandemic also. I've never done that before, always waited for their usual letter in the mail and then replied. Was there any negotiation on your settlement or did they simply offer to settle for $7999 and you said yes?
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    HELOC Settlement Question

    Were you able to get any kind of settlement from the HELOC when you refinanced? I'm in a similar situation after chapter 7. Im current on the 1st, but havent paid the 2nd. Debt was discharged but 2nd still has the lien. Im in no hurry to sell or refi, but the lien holder seems in no hurry to...
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    Citi 2nd Mortgage not paid for 6 years....what happens next?

    Here's the number i used 2 years ago. not sure if its still good. they were able to find records from about 5 years earlier for me. 1-800-283-7918.
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    Refinance 8 months after purchase

    The bank will do an appraisal and an inspection. They also look at similar homes in your neighborhood for price trends. Generally, if you appraise at 85% or better, you wont need mortgage insurance. Varies by lender.
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    Don't know what to do

    What is the $31,160 lien for? Mortgage lien? Judgement lien? Contractor lien etc....? Do you want to refinance the 1st and 2nd into a new mortgage? Whats your plan for the lien? You owe a total of almost $300,000 on a house appraised at $750,000. If you have a decent credit score and income...
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    help! veripro solutions and bank of america

    Any updates on your situation? Bankruptcy is not for everyone and its a hard decision to make. It has worked out very well for me. Seek advice from a bankruptcy attorney. You have a few options if this is your only debt you are concerned about. With everything going on now with the...
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    How do I settle or (make current) an Charged Off 2nd Mortgage with CitiMortgage

    Start by finding out who holds the lien. You can usually find out for free by visiting your county register of deeds and some counties have free online search. Thats your starting point. Citi probably has sold/transferred the lien by now.
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    help! veripro solutions and bank of america

    Of course every state has their own SOL limitations. OP doesn't say, however, most mortgage debt has a lien attached too. In this case, without bankruptcy protection, the debt and the lien could both remain. Bankruptcy would eliminate the debt. By letting them know to contact you only by mail...
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    help! veripro solutions and bank of america

    You stopped paying or filed bankruptcy? If you just stopped paying the mortgage, you are still liable for the debt. First check with your county register of deeds and see who holds the lien/mortgage. Only deal with them, though it is probably Veripro. Send them one final email to let them...
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    SLS s***show

    If you "turned the entire thing into a fixed rate in 2015", what exactly happened? If it was a refinance, then the terms of your original loan are no longer valid. Do you have the paperwork that shows what your monthly payment should be starting in 2015?
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    Second Mortgage Charged Off in 2012 - Lien Still Held by Credit Union

    I get a letter once or twice a year from the 2nd lien holder. Original debt was around $50,000. They have sent settlement offers anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000 (supposedly adding fees and interest). I only communicate with written replies, never email or phone calls. That way every...
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    Second Mortgage Charged Off in 2012 - Lien Still Held by Credit Union

    First thing to do is find out what Maryland SOL is. Im in one of those states, Michigan, which does not have a SOL on real property. Also go to your county register of deeds and see who the lien holder is. You may be able to look this up online also. Since you havent filed bankruptcy, the...
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    Bk13 dismissed

    Dismissal is basically voiding the bankruptcy case. It doesnt exist and creditors can make their claims again, including foreclosure on your home. Discharged is completion of the bankruptcy. A trustee is assigned to your chapter 13 case and approves a payment plan which can last up to 5 years...