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    Up shit creek??let's go fishing

    update-the modified the 2nd with in 5 days of the 1st payment sent in- they did not cash the 1st till dec 22nd. just made payment yesterday for jan and it looks like the 1st is now updated in there system as well. but in the end it didn't wife and i are splitting up and i need to...
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    If I accept the Mod, what happens to my foreclosure/auction?

    hit the self help forums at the top-find sub forum and select-post new thread tap is on top left
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    Please help with advice

    your monthly cc payment will be looked at. if its more than 100-200 they will deny you if you are paying that over your mortgage. they will check your credit report and see what the payment is. so if its more than a reasonable amount I'd quit paying your cc. 2400 gross may get you denied also...
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    Starting process and hoping you smart people can help me! do your homework. lotta info around these boards
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    Notice of Intent to Accelerate~~Now What?

    i was told in the begining that as long as you dont go over three months late they wont trigger a foreclosure. i dont know if there is any truth to that. of course if you start rolling it over every month so that you are two months late they will probably put you on a forebearance plan. have you...
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    Is $25,000 past due a magic number?

    i remember something about that.
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    Hsbc help!!!!

    search the forum for hsbc to read others stories
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    Coming after me for 2nd Mortgage

    dont worry about it till next month. personally if our house was auctioned off i wouldn't pay em a dime. the second loan is secured by the house. that was their collateral for the loan. if they took further steps then i'd talk to an attorney.. its kinda like if i invested in a fund that invested...
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    Negotiating payoff of 2nd for less than full value

    sorry you have to deal with your wifes kidney issues. i know how that works. as for your second. others that had a second that was unsecured simply quit paying it. after a set number of months(6-7 i think)the second was charged off and sold to collections. then some here were able to settle...
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    Advice on default, please

    click on one of the forums at the top like tell us your story under self help. then select sub forum like making homes affordable. you can start new thread by hitting the new thread button at the top left.
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    Help Chase just denied a loan mod

    if you're right side up on your house then there is no way they'll modify. they may refinance to a lower rate but thats it. if you are not able to make your payment they expect you to sell
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    Advice on default, please

    read your notice. on my notice to accelerate i remember there was a part in it that said something to the effect- if you do not fully cure this default the bank may keep or return any partial payment and still foreclose
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    BofA offered to refinance if we pay 13,000 closing cost

    your not late and you have equity in the house. you can see it they will give you an in house mod but refinancing for a fee is all they will be willing to most likely do
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    New member here..can use some tips

    better yet pay off the condo and have your son rent it out. can't bring girls home to your mama's house. was just thinking that if you have enough money to pay it off then you should and it would be a positive cash flow for you till you sell it. what savings account will pay you hundreds of...