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    Bank of America Trial Periods? NACA....

    Yes the MHA trial plans are required in order to get a loan mod under the Making Home Affordable plan.
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    How much time to close once Approved for Short Sale

    Regarding the approval they are only contingent on the approved buyer. You may have resubmit the whole package again if you have a new buyer.
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    Special Negotiator?

    Yes BOA has investor specific depts, when they are not delegated to make the decisions. Turnaround can be from 30-120 days.
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    Maybe the banks read all the things we write in this site

    A couple of individuals from the Office of the Chairman do.
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    Re Banks won't talk with you if you are using NACA?

    Bank of America is one of the banks that will only talk to the 3rd party once an authorization is on file. Sometimes the regular customer service reps will talk to you but the nego's usually wont.
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    "Credit Report Adustment" letter from BOA ?

    Yes they probably will remove it if your forbearance stated that they put a hold on credit reporting and reported you late during that time. Did it state that?
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    Does "under review" affect your Credit Score?

    BOA usually still marks you late. They just stop their internal collection calls.
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    What happens if your investor says "NO WAY"

    Its a two fold answer. Yes the servicers are required, but the investors are not. Also you have to meet the guidelines setup to qualify under the investor specific dept.
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    Maybe the banks read all the things we write in this site

    They do watch this site and I can name some people at boa who I know for a fact look or inquired about it.
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    Question about making payment on forbearance

    Depends what type of forberance but usually they required certified funds. You can also call them and schedule your payments on the phone depending if the nego lets you make funds from your checking account. You can call 800-669-0102.
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    I.P. Address

    Also I know for a fact that countrywide monitors this site, as the OOP always used to ask me how someone would go about looking for loansafe and if employees post there.
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    I.P. Address

    pdsfoley, That is insane how they fired your wife. But it figures when it comes to them.
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    cw/bofa website down and now showing new loan mod i didnt apply for

    I think since the merge their computer systems have went to heck. Every other day, sorry our systems are down call back in an hr.
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    Request for modification w/BofA

    Yes they changed the name from negotiator to collector with the BOA merger.